Banking on Change: Key trends changing the banking landscape
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Banking on change: A podcast on key trends changing the banking landscape

They say nothing is certain except death and taxes. Banks, especially, are no strangers to change. Over the past 10 years, they've faced the fallout from the global financial crisis, regulatory reforms, the birth of new competitors, a global pandemic, bank seizures, and a wave of consolidation. Are you ready to tackle disruption, adapt for the future, and transform boldly? Featuring interviews with some of the top minds in business, this podcast will help you get ready. Join us as we explore key trends that are changing the banking landscape.

Winning the fight against financial crime with advanced digital technologies

How Apex Fintech Solutions takes fighting financial crime to new heights

False positives got you down? Justin Morgan, head of financial crimes compliance at Apex Fintech Solutions, shares how he successfully reduced false positives by 45% and cut the time required to resolve each case by 60%. Listen now.

Why generative AI is the perfect weapon to fight financial crime

Justin Morgan, head of financial crimes compliance at Apex Fintech Solutions, reveals how his firm is automating narrative construction with generative AI, allowing analysts to focus more on investigation and enhancing client protection. Tune in now.

Democratizing access to anti-financial crime solutions

Apex Fintech Solutions is offering the "Rolls Royce of financial crime risk management solutions" to its correspondent banks through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, making it accessible to small and medium-sized financial institutions. Learn more.

Banking beyond boundaries: Executive insights from Westpac

Delighting customers and employees

Westpac's Andrew Macey, COO of HR services, says that employees expect to do things as digitally and efficiently at work as they do everywhere else in their lives. Hear more.

Cornering the auto finance market

Andrew Macey, Westpac's former COO of specialist finance, reveals how digital technologies can help customers purchase and finance a vehicle entirely online. Tune in now.

The role of generative AI in banking

Westpac's Andrew Macey, COO of HR services, shares his insights on the opportunities and challenges for generative AI in banking. Listen now.

Managing banking consolidation effectively

Managing change during acquisitions

From managing risk to retaining talent, change management is critical to M&A transitions. Here's how to do it right.

Retaining customers post-acquisition

Customers are 3x more likely to leave a bank during the M&A process than at other points. Discover three ways to keep them engaged.

Deriving value from Data-Tech-AI in M&A

How can acquiring banks rationalize tech platforms and use data to squeeze out value from an M&A deal? Find out.

Turning uncertainty into opportunity after the March banking crisis

Why did Silicon Valley Bank collapse?

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Learn about the risks that left Silicon Valley Bank exposed – and how to avoid them.

What impact will the SVB collapse have on the regulatory landscape and banking industry?

New capital and liquidity controls and risk management and monitoring requirements are on the horizon. Find out what to expect.

Did weakening bank regulations set Silicon Valley Bank up for collapse?

Regulations should be a stopgap. And the 2018 rollbacks didn't help. Learn why – and what your bank should do about it.

What five steps should banks take to avoid the same fate as Silicon Valley Bank

Following the March crisis, how do banks manage risk and prepare for growth? Find out.

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