Generating Lean Impact

The Genpact DNA of Lean Six Sigma

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Lean - whose objective is to maximize customer value while minimizing wasted efforts - is a powerful set of principles that improves an organization’s efficiency and productivity as well as effectiveness, and facilitates agility. It can be combined with Six Sigma (a set of techniques and tools for process improvement) to systematically remove waste from business processes and help them scale by industrializing their delivery. Originating in manufacturing environments, Lean (and classic Six Sigma) principles can be applied to businesses operating in any sector.

GE under Jack Welch was a leading proponent of Lean and Six Sigma globally. Genpact (previously known as GE Capital International Services) was the first service provider in the world to apply this method at scale for business processes. We achieved, and continue to demonstrate, tremendous success in helping our clients’ dramatically streamline and improve their operations.

More specifically:

  • Genpact helped a leading pharmacy benefits management company that serves more than 65 million customers transform their end-to-end process to drive business innovation and agility while delivering a 30% increase in productivity resulting in a savings of US$400M.
  • For a US-based multinational financial services firm, we made process improvements that maximized the company’s resource productivity and cost savings by 15% which impacted their bottom line by US$11M annually.
  • A leading global transportation services provider worked with Genpact to transform their overall Order to Cash function resulting in greater process efficiencies and a $40M business impact.
  • For an Australian banking major, we streamlined existing processes through process re-engineering, introduced policy changes and incorporated technology interventions to transform their personal loan application process resulting in a AUD 78M loan book addition for the bank.

Lean and Six Sigma permeate what Genpact does and is highly visible in our operations, people, processes, and leadership direction. By being proactive in driving efficiency gains and working directly with companies to reengineer their processes end-to-end, Genpact integrates better with our clients' operations to create a seamless process improvement environment. In the last years, the emergence of digital technologies able to reimagine business processes has proven a fertile ground to evolve Lean practices, resulting in our unique Lean Digital approach that incorporates design thinking to maximize client value.

Lean and Six Sigma is the culturally ingrained and hard-to-replicate DNA of Genpact. We have 14,300 Six Sigma and 37,000+ Lean trained employees around the world to help clients implement our industrial-strength approach to process excellence.

The "science of process" built through insights from over 200 million transactions in the last 16 years of implementing Lean Six Sigma projects is the foundation for our Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) methodology, a unique proprietary framework that employs granular data analysis, sophisticated diagnostics and cross-functional benchmarks to maximize process effectiveness.

  • Implementing smarter processes and analytics for a global aerospace manufacturer leads to increased inventory visibility and 48% reduction in raw material inventory.
  • Streamlining operations and invoice-to-cash management across 25 countries results in savings for major business conglomerate.