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Digital transformation at scale

Digital technologies – from robotic process automation (RPA) to analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) – unlock unprecedented business opportunities in the enterprise. Unfortunately, most organizations struggle to deploy digital innovation in a practical, flexible, and scalable way. Too often, they end up with multiple standalone, short-term solutions with lengthy development cycles, high costs, and disappointing results. Genpact does things differently. Our unique combination of digital and industry expertise delivers innovative, digitally enabled, intelligent operations for our global clients. Our extensive partner ecosystem, open architecture, consulting services and modular approach to creating digital solutions – powered by our Genpact Cora platform – connects with legacy systems and new technologies. The result? Faster development times, better customer experiences, higher ROI, and greater agility. We do this by harnessing the power of intelligent automation, augmented intelligence, and experience-led transformation.

Intelligent automation: Unlocking better ways of working with a hybrid workforce

By combining automation, AI and data insights, we can replicate human thinking and processing to reduce errors, speed up operations, and improve customer experiences. We devise a clear strategy to identify and prioritize automation opportunities and which technologies to use, such as RPA, conversational AI, and machine learning. These technologies increase productivity, boost business growth, and help employees serve customers faster at lower operational costs. The result is a collaborative, hybrid workforce – with bots and humans working in tandem – to deliver greater value to the business.

Genpact helps clients with intelligent automation in the following ways:

  • Robotic process automation: At Genpact, RPA technologies have evolved to become a comprehensive and connected automation solution. Genpact's RPA architecture is robust, reliable and future-ready and acts as the foundation of your intelligent automation strategy
  • Process mining and orchestration: Our process-first approach helps you identify what to automate, when and why. Our in-depth process knowledge, industry expertise, and predictive analytics help you imagine how a process could work in the future. We use dynamic workflows to orchestrate and integrate human workers, bots, intelligent machines, and cognitive systems. Digital workforce governance keeps an eye on compliance requirements and key performance indicators, allowing you to fine-tune processes and protect your return on investment
  • Pretrained AI accelerators: Even the most powerful technologies cannot deliver results without orientation, rationalization, and business context. Genpact's pretrained AI accelerators are modular building blocks built from years of experience working with multiple clients across multiple industries. These pretrained accelerators allow businesses to quickly add AI to intelligently automate common yet critical tasks. They present an innovative way to speed up digital transformation so that you can realize greater process efficiency, productivity, and growth sooner.


Digital transformation at scale

Intelligent automation in action

Genpact delivered intelligent automation for one of the world's largest aerospace manufacturers. After assessing the firm's processes and digital tools, Genpact designed a center of excellence and RPA pilot program, helping them to reach productivity savings of 30-50%. With a five-year plan to expand automation throughout the enterprise, the company expects to automate around 200,000 hours of work and achieve $200 million in cost savings.

Figure 1: Intelligent automation solutions


Augmented intelligence: Combining machine intelligence with human judgement

Thriving businesses are overseen by leaders who make strategic decisions based on data insights. These insights come from smart machines that can find, sort, and learn from data previously locked away in outdated documents or legacy systems. But machine predictions still require human judgement. Combining machine intelligence with human expertise gives leaders the data-driven predictive insights they need to unlock new business opportunities.

Genpact helps clients develop augmented intelligence using three fundamental building blocks:

  • Data foundation: Augmented intelligence begins with data. Our data engineering and master data management teams help our clients establish a robust data strategy by integrating data sources across silos to achieve better insights
  • Prescriptive engines: Built on a solid data foundation, our prescriptive engines leverage machine learning and AI to predict and provide recommendations for the best business outcomes
  • Smart processes: Smart processes include feedback loops and the ability to learn and continuously improve. They run across multiple business processes to increase agility and to realize augmented intelligence at scale

Using augmented intelligence, a retailer was able to improve a card issuer's campaign management system. The card issuer achieved a feedback loop for real-time customer targeting correction. It saw a 30% increase in customer conversions, a 25% increase in online acquisition, and $2.2 million in cost savings due to lower cost per customer acquisition.

With more than 8,000 experts, Genpact has one of the world's largest analytics teams. We create solutions tailored to the unique needs of each business to help our clients realize the benefits of predictive analytics.

Augmented intelligence in action

One of the world's largest electronic products manufacturers wanted a better way to forecast supply and demand. To reach this goal, Genpact created a supply chain data lake, decision support engine, and data visualization tool. Thanks to augmented intelligence, forecast accuracy has improved by up to 75%, leading to 30% less working capital tied up in inventory. Plus, slicker processes have boosted sales team productivity by 33%

Figure 2: The building blocks of augmented intelligence


Experience-led transformation: Putting people first

Leading businesses have the ability to rapidly deliver exceptional, connected, and frictionless experiences for customers, employees, and partners. Often, these businesses embark on end-to-end digital transformation using experience as their guiding North Star. As the experience economy continues to reshape the global business landscape, only those that embrace an experience-led transformation mindset will thrive.

At Genpact, we fuse experience and process innovation to deliver end-to-end digital transformation that unifies people, processes, and technologies. Our acquisition of Rightpoint, a premier digital consultancy, allows us to deliver greater value focused on the needs of customers, employees, and partners. From whiteboarding to rollout, we help our clients deliver world-class experiences that connect seamlessly from the front to the back office.

Our diverse team applies empathy-driven design, data, and technology practices. Our research methodology uncovers and combines both human and analytical insights to ensure that the right technologies – such as AI, automation, and analytics – are applied at the right time.

Because change is constant, we help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We understand that they operate within dynamic environments, where new products and services can rapidly become obsolete. We make sure their vision and our strategy continually connect and adapt to changing business and market needs. By creating a collaborative and innovative environment, we help our clients become leaders in the experience space.

Experience-led transformation in action

Experience-led transformation helped a global bank successfully launch into a new business area – personal loans. Using qualitative and quantitative user research, Genpact reimagined, designed, and engineered an omnichannel contact center. As a result, loan conversion rates tripled from 4% to 12% in the first 18 months. The bank evolved from a single offering to a multi-product business. The contact center proved so successful, the bank extended it to support global product lines and markets.

Genpact Cora: A platform for digital enterprises

To realize digital transformation at scale, you need a digital business platform. Genpact Cora can help. Featuring modular technologies, it improves business processes and generates insights that fuel better decision-making. See what makes Genpact Cora unique:

  • Industry-specific: Genpact Cora is built using our deep process expertise and industry knowledge
  • Customer-centric: It offers an advanced platform designed for transformation aligned to the needs of your customers
  • Flexible: It has the ability to add plug-and-play components as your business evolves and grows over time

Genpact Cora is a flexible, AI-based platform that mitigates risk and future-proofs our clients' technology investments.

Figure 3: Genpact Cora digital business platform


Why Genpact

When you work with Genpact, we examine your business across the front, middle, and back office. We reimagine every process through the eyes of your customers and our firsthand process knowledge helps us spot the most effective transformation opportunities. We've worked with some of the biggest businesses across multiple industries to apply the best mix of our digital and industry expertise. We're strategic operators – thinkers and doers who know as much about the inner workings of a business as we do about the technology that transforms it. Our firsthand knowledge of processes helps us recognize the ideal technologies to scale your digital transformation. Ultimately, we understand exactly what it takes to drive growth in your industry. And, in a world full of hype, we innovate to drive the outcomes that matter.

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Figure 4: Genpact’s approach to digital transformation