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Fast, seamless quoting for a Fortune 500 firm

Speeding up turnaround time for this subscription service provider bolstered CX in a big way

Who we worked with

A Fortune 500 software and services company

How we helped

Enquero, a Genpact company, evaluated our client's renewals quoting system, isolated the issues that were slowing down the process, then designed and deployed a solution that addressed those challenges – and more

What the company needed

  • To improve turnaround time when generating renewal quotes for past, potential, and existing customers
  • To boost the overall customer experience
  • To improve sales performance and operational efficiency

What the company got

A big boost in customer satisfaction and a faster, sleeker renewal quotes process for stronger business outcomes


Analyze a struggling quote process, fix its weaknesses, and take it to the next level

More companies are relying on subscription-based models, such as software as a service (SaaS), to help them conduct business for their own – and for their customers' – convenience. Yet the renewal quote generation process can often be complex, frustrating, and time-consuming, hurting the bottom line of subscription providers and their clients alike.

Subscription providers know that upselling, cross-selling, and renewals are critical to their success. Our client had a huge customer base, but making good use of it when it came to quoting presented a challenge. The system was a hodgepodge of purchase histories, discounts, and details about former customers, all mixed in with enterprise licensing agreements (ELAs).

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The company was just getting by creating and managing quotes using configure, price, quote (CPQ) platforms, specifically one offered by a leading cloud-based solutions provider. But quoting on renewal agreements was a major pain point. Getting them right required extracting information from thousands of lines of code pertaining to past purchase histories while the system scoured the installed base (IB) for key details. The process bore the burden of several problems:

  • The system couldn't handle the high volume of data generated by CPQ IB reports
  • There were no central configurations and pricing engines to cover different use cases
  • The CPQ platform faced scaling and performance challenges
  • The system relied on the CPQ platform to customize the user experience


Boost the existing system with more computational power

Enquero conducted a thorough analysis of all the use cases in our client's existing CPQ environment. The team quickly discovered that the existing CPQ had limitations: it couldn't scale or customize to allow for more complex computations when creating renewal quotes. With that knowledge in hand, we worked with our client and devised the following solution:

  • We designed and deployed an IB quote creation platform, Augmented CPQ, which complements the legacy CPQ with a separate powerful computing engine that calculates lengthy and complex quotes faster
  • We built a reusable API-based framework so IB quote processing could take place outside CPQ platforms
  • We put into place a single dashboard that gives a clear, comprehensive picture of the customer journey with respect to license agreements
  • We ensured that the solution would scale up to augment other CPQ platforms as well


A seamless, lightning-fast quote process

The new renewal quote creation platform helped the company achieve:

  • 83% faster quote creation leading to improved customer experience
  • Higher productivity with easy scaling up of Augmented CPQ
  • Seamless enterprise license agreement management
  • Accelerated turnaround time for instant quotes

And because we made the Augmented CPQ solution scalable, our client can now adapt it for use with other functions, such as deal management, IB administration, and finance.

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