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Delight customers and minimize lost revenue with world-class order management
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Cora OrderAssist helped one Fortune 50 CPG client to reduce manual tasks by 70%. 

Our integrated supply chain and order management approach is powered by Genpact Cora, our AI-powered platform.

Genpact's order management capabilities, especially our next-generation solutions in AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, cloud, and analytics, are recognized as industry leading.


reduction in cost per order


fewer cut orders


reduction in order delays

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How can I reduce order errors?

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Cora OrderAssist

Cora OrderAssist is an AI-based platform that embeds business rule-driven decision-making across the order management process. The result is better collaboration, reduced need for manual interventions, and quicker translation of insight-to-action, such as order change requests, promotions, and prioritization of tasks.

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I need to improve visibility of my order management processes.

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Real-time visibility

Genpact's visualization and control tower solutions enable real-time visibility into operational data across the supply chain, from planning to return. Analytics are applied to measure performance on key metrics, and segments such as carriers and geography.

How do I know where to invest in my order management process?

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CSCR framework

Genpact's customer experience, sales experience, complexity and risk (CSCR) framework helps define, measure, plan, and improve order management through process, digital, and analytics interventions.

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