Building sustainable performance

How to power the race against climate change with data

Supporting the greenest team on the greenest grid

Organizations across industries are rethinking their definition of success – shifting from a singular focus on financial goals to ethical and sustainable outcomes too.

Envision Racing is a purpose-led business, delivering superior performance on the racetrack while also raising awareness of the race against climate change.

In 2020, The Carbon Trust certified the team carbon neutral. We help the team maintain this coveted status and reduce manual work by automating how it collects carbon-emissions data. Next, we’re building a carbon calculator that encourages employees to make greener decisions.

Data: the foundations of sustainability

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Blogs and videos on building a sustainable business

Our meltdown in London

One ice car in London's sunshine for 24 hours. One important message about climate change.

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The purpose-driven enterprise

See how AI and digital technologies help organizations contribute to a higher purpose.

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Achieving carbon neutrality

Envision Racing’s operations director and our CDO discuss how companies can have a net-neutral impact on the planet.

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Act on climate change

On July 21, a three-ton ice replica of Envision Racing's Formula E car arrived in London for 24 hours. Exposed to the city's sunshine, we set out a challenge: how much ice would melt? Our AI-powered algorithms made predictions alongside the public, helping raise money for the Arctic Ice Project and awareness of the role of technology in the race against climate change.


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