Building sustainable performance

How to power the race against climate change with data

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Supporting the greenest team on the greenest grid

Organizations across industries are rethinking their definition of success – shifting from a singular focus on financial goals to ethical and sustainable outcomes too.

Envision Virgin Racing is just such a purpose-led business, delivering superior performance on the racetrack while also raising the profile of the fight against climate change.

In 2020, The Carbon Trust certified the team carbon neutral. To help maintain this coveted status and reduce manual work, Genpact is automating how the team collects carbon-emissions data. Next, we’re building a carbon calculator that encourages employees to make greener decisions. 

Achieving carbon neutrality

Envision Virgin Racing’s operations director and our CDO discuss what it takes to have a net-neutral impact on the planet.

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Practicing what you preach

Envision Virgin Racing doesn’t just compete with electric cars, it has been certified carbon neutral too.

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Winning the race against climate change

The private sector plays a major role in championing sustainability. Our CEO, Tiger Tyagarajan, examines how.

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Join the race against climate change

Envision Virgin Racing is much more than a racing team. See how it’s inspiring everyone to care about the planet too.

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The purpose-driven enterprise

See how AI and digital technologies can help organizations contribute to a higher purpose.

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10 tips to help fight climate change

Envision Virgin Racing compile the steps everyone around the world can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Build business resilience

As your business adopts new ways of working, forecasting demand and performance, and anticipating customers’ needs, it can also unlock a new source of resilience. We’ve compiled lessons and insights from across our experts to help guide your business.

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Don’t stop here…

There’s much more to see and learn from our work with Envision Virgin Racing.

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