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How we build a prediction-powered organization

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Put data at the heart of your business

What makes the difference between coming first and falling to the back of the field? For both Formula E teams and Fortune 500 firms, it’s the ability to generate insights at speed and make lightning-fast decisions.

For Envision Virgin Racing, we built a scenario engine with AI to predict the number of laps in a race – no matter the weather or mid-race incidents. And by putting data from simulator runs and untapped sources to work, both drivers go into each race fully prepared.

Now the team can be even more confident about their energy choices, overtakes, and defensive moves.

A partnership for prediction - see how your business can win with data too

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Crossing data and AI

Through our work with EVR, we combine the team's engineering expertise and our skills with digital technologies.

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Predictive insights make winning decisions

When the team knows what’s coming, it can stay in front. See how we’re bringing better prediction to every race.

Get ahead with data

Unearthing the detail behind your data unlocks opportunities and boosts performance for Envision Virgin Racing

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Turn uncertainty into a win

Our Lap Estimate Optimizer brings game-changing insights to the racetrack and boardroom

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CXO Talk

Analytics and AI are a winning combination in Formula E and business – watch this interview to find out why

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Supercharged AI

Analytics and AI are a winning combination in Formula E and business – watch this CNN interview to find out why

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The world’s first instinctive racing team

Learn more about our partnership with Envision Virgin Racing 

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Generate growth and combat risk with analytics

We help your business make better decisions with AI, data science, and machine learning

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