Supercharging racing strategies with AI and analytics

Envision Virgin Racing transforms decision-making with augmented intelligence

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How to unlock accurate insights at speed

What makes the difference between the teams out front and those left in the dust? For both Formula E and the Fortune 500, it’s the ability to unlock insights at speed.

On and off the racetrack, the future of decision-making involves a creative mix of AI and analytics. Combined with human judgment, the result is augmented intelligence – where technology guides people to make informed and lightning-fast decisions.

See how we’re helping Envision Virgin Racing make accurate race-day predictions and run deeper analytics on driver performance to cross the finish line first.

Genpact and Envision Virgin Racing are winners!

The Hackett Group recognizes our work generating race-winning predictive insights in its 2020 Digital Awards.

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How predictive insights make winning decisions

Dive into our work with Envision Virgin Racing

See how augmented intelligence can transform your business too.

Accelerating analytics as the demand for insights intensifies

Envision Virgin Racing needs fast access to insights from practice runs so drivers can perform at the top of their game.

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Turning uncertainty into competitive advantage

AI and advanced analytics play a crucial role in race-day strategy. See how accurate predictions give the team an edge.

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How AI supercharges Envision Virgin Racing

Watch our CDO and Envision Virgin Racing’s MD and CTO discuss how data analytics power the all-electric series on CNN.

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Tuning into communications in racing

Radio conversations between drivers and engineers are critical to success, see driver Sam Bird describe why.

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Augmented intelligence

The ability to make the right decision at the right time is what separates leading enterprises from their competition. See how a strategic mix of machine intelligence combined with human judgment will enable your business to make informed decisions at speed and scale.


Don’t stop here…

There’s much more to see and learn from our work with Envision Virgin Racing.

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