Envision Virgin Racing and Genpact

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Moving at the speed of instinct

What happens when a race team has all the insights to make fast, accurate decisions, working as a fully connected unit with fans boosting the car's speed?

Podium-winning performances and an instinctive racing team.

Putting insight in pole position

Envision Virgin Racing – a founding team in the world’s first fully electric, international single-seater street racing series – is enhancing how it stays ahead in the Formula E Championship.

With Genpact as its partner and AI as its neural wiring, the team will connect people, processes, and racing knowledge to make accurate decisions at lightning-fast speed.

By harnessing the data from its car, drivers, team, systems, and fans, Envision Virgin Racing will feed deeper insights into its race strategy and simulations. Operating at the speed of instinct, the team gains sharper predictions, stronger race performance, and the energy from more engaged fans.

Envision Virgin Racing is evolving into an instinctive racing team, harnessing AI with a connected ecosystem, predictive insight, and an adaptive workforce. Follow the team as it powers through the 2018/19 season.


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