Robotic Process Automation

Accelerating Automation

Today’s digital-first world demands seamless operations, fast responses, and great customer experiences. By applying robotic process automation (RPA) to business processes, organizations gain a competitive advantage, cut costs, boost job satisfaction, and improve data accuracy.

With RPA, we enhance the potential of people by automating rule-based, repetitive tasks across ERPs, workflows, and databases. And we’ve automated hundreds of sub-processes across finance and accounting, supply chain management, insurance underwriting, healthcare, and more. For many of our clients, RPA is the first step in their digital transformation journey.


Genpact delivers consistent return on investment (ROI) with RPA. We achieve this using our deep domain expertise and IP to help clients find the right RPA use-cases and train their teams. Thinking about RPA? Let us help you assess where to start and what value you’ll see.

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Genpact’s deep domain and RPA expertise maximizes clients’ ROI on RPA programs. Learn how we boost business results on customer satisfaction, top-line growth, and margins.