Supply Chain Management

Minimize supply chain disruptions, optimize inventory levels, and keep customers happy
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We helped Panasonic unlock the benefits of an integrated supply chain with impressive results.

Our digital products, including Inventory Optimizer and Supply Chain Assistant, are built on Genpact Cora, our AI platform.

Our supply chain capabilities have been recognized as industry-leading by analysts, highlighting our domain expertise, innovation, and Genpact Cora platform.


billion in spend managed annually


more on-time deliveries


bottom line impact

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I need to get better insights from the data in my supply chain.

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Integrated ​​supply chain modules

Companies can get better visibility of its supply chain with our integrated modules. They deliver more accurate planning and forecasting, improved governance, enhanced reporting and collaboration, happier customers and reduced inventories. Our solutions encompass product portfolio planning, demand planning, supply planning, scenario planning, and performance and risk visualization.

I need to reduce the level of risk in my supply chain.

1 Product & Solution

Supplier sourcing and management​

Using Supplier-360, our cloud-based platform for supplier management and sourcing, we transform sourcing to a strategic, value-adding activity to minimize supply chain risk, improve productivity, and shorten delivery times. We can also help with sourcing optimization, procurement market intelligence, commercial/deflation support, and supplier relationship management.

How do I get more economies of scale from my manufacturing processes?

1 Product & Solution

Manufacturing process optimization​​

Our manufacturing process optimization solutions help companies improve productivity and quality while reducing lead times. Our portfolio includes solutions for lead-time reduction, manufacturing quality improvement, manufacturing productivity enhancement and manufacturing system optimization.

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