COVID-19 brought unprecedented demand for Kraft Heinz products. Bill Durbin, Global Head of Logistics for Kraft Heinz, discusses how its supply chain rose to the challenge and how the company's partnership with Genpact enabled the response.

We helped Panasonic improve forecast accuracy and reduce working capital tied up in the supply chain by improving visibility of end-to-end supply chain data that provides a consistent, reliable bedrock for advanced analytics and incorporates more sophisticated demand signals.

Since 1994 our supply chain consultancy has transformed supply chains across supply chain planning, logistics, and aftersales service and parts. Read supply chain insights drawing on the expertise of our 7000-strong practice.

Everest has named Genpact a leader in supply chain management, highlighting our strong consulting capabilities, planning expertise, and global scale.


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Our supply chain management solutions, tools, and services, ensure goods are delivered from suppliers to customers in the most efficient way. We tackle supply chain problems that result in loss of business and customer frustrations. Every supply chain organization faces different challenges, and that is why we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to supply chain management.

I need to predict and manage fluctuations in demand and supply

1 Product & Solution

Supply chain planning

Leading businesses are customizing their planning processes to make more informed decisions that adjust to variations in demand against inventory levels. Our supply chain risk management services include demand planning, forecast analytics and modeling, analytics, logistics management, and trade promotion management and optimization.

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I need to avoid fines and impact on costs and availability from missing on-time, in-full deliveries

1 Product & Solution

On-time, in-full management

Our supply chain management services include root cause assessment, on-time, in-full (OTIF) strategy development, OTIF penalty audits, demand and supply planning, and service level agreement management. Our supply chain management services and scorecard approach ensure you can set customer and vendor strategies, and offer visibility and coordinated management of inventory levels, order fulfillment, and transportation.

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I need to model and optimize the design of my supply chain

1 Product & Solution

Supply chain design

Balancing flexibility with efficiency is no easy task, especially in today’s world of uncertainty and the rapid pace of change. Our services include data engineering, network modeling, and impact analysis on key performance indicators and cost. We conduct network performance analysis and tuning, leveraging a service bureau for on-demand advantages of simulating strategic decisions or events.

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I need to collaborate more closely with my dealers and channels

1 Product & Solution

Connected dealers

Genpact's connected dealer and service digital platform links all OEM supply chain partners for tighter control over parts and service. This holistic solution integrates dealers into parts planning, manages inventory, connects assets, and delivers great customer service. Genpact can deliver supply chain transformation services as well as operating centers, and the digital platform and assets to enable the new strategy and processes.

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I need to improve the availability of spare parts, while lowering inventory and costs

1 Product & Solution

Parts management as-a-service

Our parts management-as-a-service solution includes service strategy modeling, network design, and technology implementation. We have over 70 operating centers around the world to deliver performance analytics, system tuning, parts planning, parts sourcing, and order and delivery management operations against service level agreements and coordinated field service.

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