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Moving generative AI from possibilities to production

Discover what it takes to make a winning gen AI solution

Generative AI is making waves in every industry. Large language models (LLMs), which power interfaces like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google Bard, have become household names. And for a good reason. Generative AI offers unlimited opportunities to transform how we work, from automating repetitive tasks like data analysis to identifying trends in customer behavior and predicting customer needs and preferences.

Despite gen AI's potential for business, enterprise leaders must navigate vast oceans of information before they can begin to understand, embrace, and responsibly use this technological marvel.

That's why Genpact, in partnership with NASSCOM, brings you a playbook on everything you need to know about making a winning generative AI solution.

With advice from gen AI experts across industries, this comprehensive compendium shows you how to set effective best practices and management so you can mitigate the risks and challenges of artificial intelligence while scaling your operations.

"This study serves as a companion guide to building ethical and feasible generative solutions at scale.It offers a blueprint for building tool stacks, frameworks, and governance mechanisms that will bring the enterprise-grade pilot projects to production."

Sreekanth Menon, Global AI/ML Leader, Genpact

Generative AI: A guide for scaling your operations quickly and effectively

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Our solutions

We help companies move from incubation to the democratization of gen AI thanks to our ethical AI approach and AI center of excellence. We have three types of gen AI offerings:

Generative AI for operations

We augment process workflows for IT developers and business analysts in technology services and digital business operations.

Generative AI for business processes

We automate and enhance business processes with gen AI's ability to search, generate, classify, cluster, summarize, and extract data.

Our partnerships

Our strong network of technology partners enables us to build secure, robust, and innovative gen AI solutions.
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Genpact is a Microsoft Gold Partner and global provider of intelligent business process management (BPM) software.

Why Genpact?

With our expertise in creating data foundations and leading digital transformation at Fortune 500 companies, our clients are harnessing the value of generative AI across the enterprise. We do more than rethink business operations; we're democratizing AI to rewrite how work gets done.

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"Genpact, with its analytics expertise and solutions, delivers the insights CIOs and other senior leaders require to better connect with customers, build new products, and drive sustainable growth."