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Workforce Analytics

Generating Human Resources Impact

Human resources leaders need clear insight into end-to-end operations to make informed decisions. Genpact Workforce Analytics encompasses HR information services, data modeling, social media analytics, survey analytics, and planning and forecasting. Our HR analytics services provide clear insights for improving talent acquisition, forecasting demand, and helping our clients design, transform, and run intelligent human resource operations globally.


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Our HR analytics solution builds on our Lean DigitalSM approach that harnesses design-thinking methods that focus on the end user, Lean principles to enable end-to-end process redesign, advanced digital technologies, and domain expertise.

Our Digital Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework helps organizations reimagine HR operations by integrating Systems of EngagementTM, core IT, and Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM. Our services include:

  • Information services that consolidate client data from legacy systems to ensure seamless data reporting capabilities
  • Data modeling that works with client data sets, evaluating them to determine the ideal model for operating in various HR work streams
  • Analytics that assist clients in designing the ideal survey mechanism, evaluating the results, and making recommendations
  • Planning and forecasting to help organizations build forecasting models for better planning and enhanced productivity
  • Social media analytics that aids social media tracking to shape perception and assists in talent acquisition