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Order Management

Order management touches so many pieces of the end-to-end supply chain and order to cash processes that no company can afford to treat it as a separate endeavor. Sub optimal sourcing and demand planning, or inefficient order entry, will affect delivery and ultimately drive up the cost per order, as well as negatively impact the customer experience.

Genpact's Order Management solutions place the focus on customer satisfaction by helping our clients deliver a “perfect order" every time: on time, in full, undamaged, at the correct price, and with all of its required documentation correctly completed.


We design, transform, and run intelligent operations that truly reimagine order management and leverage Systems of EngagementTM technologies as well as Data-to-Action AnalyticsSM

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Genpact's approach to order management works because we treat order management as a critical component of the entire supply chain (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return), rather than as a standalone process. The approach draws information from and provides insight into everything from forecasting and demand planning to network and inventory optimization, purchase order (PO) management, production planning and scheduling, freight lane analytics and carrier sourcing, and parts and warranty management.

We integrate specialized tools with disparate client systems to boost productivity and consolidate masses of data for a clear, real-time view of where revenue leakages occur. Its five key building blocks encompass:

Order Management BPM (business process management) services

  • Order entry and fulfillment
  • Pricing, contract management, and master data management
  • Allocation and product supply
  • Logistics administration
  • Inventory optimization

Order Management automation

  • Better and faster orders through automated “no touch" order entry
  • Point solutions for order visibility, proof of delivery management, etc.
  • Data massaging and integration services such as vendor managed inventory and global available-to-promise alerts
  • Order and customer portal for faster, more accurate service

Visualization and supply chain control tower
Proactive controls for end-to-end order management leverage a supply chain control tower solution to:

  • Achieve real-time visibility into operational data across the chain from planning to return
  • Break down operational “silos" and provide visibility into the performance of key metrics
  • Constantly monitor orders flowing through the supply chain and report data, exceptions, and proactive alerts
  • Facilitate analysis by segments such as carrier performance, geography, inventory network integration, etc.

Order management analytics
Deploy Genpact's Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework for order management, specially designed to identify customer- and order-level performance gaps by leveraging industry benchmarking and best practices to drive improvement.

Help organizations design the right operating model using Genpact's Customer Experience, Sales Experience, Complexity, Risk (CSCR) framework, which leverages analytics to obtain a customer-level view of risk and complexity in the order management process and recommends the right phasing sequence, risk mitigation measures, and roadmap to attain the desired target operating model.

Measure, benchmark, and run analytical models to understand root causes that affect key metrics, including on-time delivery, perfect order index, cost, visibility, etc.

Customer experience
Define, measure, plan, and improve order management using Genpact's proprietary CSCR framework to build smart global operations. Our order management solution focuses on creating a more satisfying customer and sales experience:

Customer experience framework: Use metrics such as order accuracy, on-time delivery, on-time pickup, and so on to build an analytics-based scoring model that predicts a customer experience score and provides insights into factors impacting customer satisfaction.

Sales experience: Understand the sales team's job satisfaction and performance and boost productivity by freeing the team to focus on sales rather than solving customer issues.


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