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Innovation that works

Most large enterprises and their legacy processes and systems don’t struggle with technology innovation – they struggle with reimagining the way they operate, and as a result they don’t fully capture the game-changing value of digital.

Our experience and extensive research, highlight that common approaches don’t address the real barriers to innovation.

Only 21% of companies truly reap the value of digital

Reaping the transformative value of digital is prevented by:


inability to experiment quickly


change management


legacy systems


risk aversion


organizational silos

Importantly, the rate of digital innovation success is more than double in companies that are able to align the relevant parts of the organization, from front to middle to back office, creating a virtual “one office” that powers superior customer (both external and internal) journeys.

That’s the promise of Genpact’s Lean Digital innovation, which drives digital transformation choices “business outcome-in” instead of “tech-out” through four pillars

  • Human centered design-thinking practices methodically connect what needs to be done with who these solutions need to serve
  • Lean principles encourage agile solutions that look end-to-end, not just anecdotal point solutions, irrespective of how sexy those can be 
  • True disruption is cross-functional and benefits from deep domain expertise, which we uniquely access by harnessing the experience of arguably one of the world’s largest “operational sandbox”- examined and researched by our Research Institute and its insights. It leverages the work of 70,000 of our people who design build and run intelligent operations, and a million of our clients’ employees, to continuously identify, test, iterate and refine effective digital-led practices 
  • Our digital first innovation centers, with Palo Alto at the core, harness this wealth, and turn it into more agile, fast, adaptive and less invasive digital enabled solutions - solutions that work in large complex enterprise.

Dedicated senior leadership – through our Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Digital Officer ensure that tomorrow’s needs are today’s priority. Talk to them to make your organization a lean digital one.