Fraud and Disputes

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce revenue loss with cutting-edge digital tools
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Improve detection, cut losses, and reduce false positives with intelligent fraud operations.

Enhance fraud detection capabilities and reduce revenue leakage using digital and analytics tools.

Manage structured and unstructured data easily with our case management solutions.


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Intelligent fraud operations

We integrate process excellence, analytics, and digital to manage the end-to-end fraud life cycle. We offer a customized solution that incorporates management of transaction alerts, fraud, customer disputes, and chargebacks, as well as multichannel customer outreach.

Fraud operations process support

We conduct a thorough review of key fraud operations processes related to transactions, blocking and unblocking cards, and handling inbound and outbound calls. We also assess claims and chargebacks processes, including those for refunds management, representment, and arbitration.

Intelligent case management

Our AI-powered case management system, built on our AI platform Cora, includes two modules. The Detection and Prevention Case Management module improves customer experience while reducing losses by improving the effectiveness of rules, queues, and agent decisions. The Claims and Chargebacks Case Management module improves recovery rates while reducing operating costs by streamlining the recovery management process.

Fraud analytics and detection tools

We offer tools to detect and control fraudulent activities, and implement an early warning system that identifies suspicious and fraudulent transactions. Our analytical tools include application scorecards, next-best-action models, neural models, and other innovations that address specific client needs.

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