Genpact conquers claims

And so can insurers and their customers

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Speed up claims processes and make your customers smile

Whether battling spikes in claims due to adverse weather events, or growing customer demands for faster settlement, insurers can rely on Genpact to transform claims and achieve the optimal balance between customer satisfaction, accurate loss assessment, and loss-adjusting expense.

Using the end-to-end knowledge we’ve built running claims operations, we bring in the power of digital to adopt smart claims processes. From analytics and robotic automation, to AI and drones, we help insurers free up loss-adjusting resource, shorten the claims cycle, and improve their customers’ experiences.

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Genpact virtual adjusting and inspection

We help you with:

First notice of loss and fast-track claims processing

Increase one-touch, fast-track resolution by up to 50%

Claims segmentation and triage analytics

Reduce claims cycle time by more than 40%

Contents inventory services

Reduce loss-adjusting expense by up to 40%

Field inspection services

Shorten the claims cycle by up to 2 days

Managed repair services

10% reduction in loss-adjusting expense

Digital inspection tools

Up to 50% reduction in loss-adjusting expense

Robotic process automation in insurance

Read how one insurer used RPA to automate 90% of the FNOL process


Claims field inspection services

A nationwide network of field inspectors

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