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Become a data-driven insurer

Munich Re and Genpact reveal the five must-dos for data-driven transformation

As a tech leader, your goal is to drive strategic change. Foster innovation. Empower informed decision-making. Enhance customer experience. Manage risks. And ensure your organization's long-term competitiveness and sustainability in a rapidly evolving insurance landscape.

The key to reaching that goal? Data.

At Genpact, we believe that five characteristics set data-driven insurers apart from those at the start of their transformation journeys:

  1. Collaboration between business and technology leaders
  2. Support for transformation from company executives
  3. A culture in which data, analytics, and cloud strategies are aligned with business objectives
  4. A trusted foundation of data
  5. Data-literate employees who can use data to uncover valuable business insights

Tune in to watch Munich Re's vice president of data and adaptive intelligence, Dr. Lovell Hodge, PhD, share his hard-won insights on how to achieve each of these key milestones on the path to digital transformation success.

Driving collaboration in data transformation

Discover how shared objectives and a common language enable business and tech leaders to collaborate effectively on data-driven transformation.

Executive support for transformation

Learn how to gain executive support for data-driven transformation. Follow these steps: quantify value, set clear objectives, and achieve early wins.

Stay tuned for more expert advice from Munich Re's vice president of data and adaptive intelligence, Dr. Lovell Hodge, PhD, on how insurers can master the data-driven transformation game:

  • How to align data, analytics, and cloud strategies with business objectives
  • How to build a trusted foundation of data
  • How to empower employees to uncover valuable insights from data

Dr. Lovell Hodge, Munich Re's Vice President of Data and Adaptive Intelligence

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