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ISG ranks Genpact a leader in data science, data engineering, and data management

Setting the pace for digital transformation with AI 

As artificial intelligence (AI) disrupts every industry, 85% of business leaders see gen AI investments as critical, according to research firm ISG. Initially used for knowledge management and process optimization, gen AI is now the foundation for total business transformation. Powering gen AI are massive amounts of data, critical for the success of AI solutions.

That's why prioritizing data science, data engineering, and data management services has become essential in the digital age.

In a comprehensive report rating the capabilities of analytics service providers, research firm ISG has positioned Genpact as a leader across three capabilities: Data Science Services, Data Engineering Services, and Data Management Services.

"Genpact's focus on establishing strong data governance practices helps enterprises with multifaceted approaches that assess, evaluate, implement, and manage data to address compliance, risk, security, and privacy challenges."
Gowtham Kumar Sampath Assistant Director and Principal Analyst, ISG

ISG's Provider Lens™ Analytics Services – US 2023 report evaluates the analytics services market, emphasizing how important data-driven decisions, generative AI, and large language models are for building next-gen solutions. It also examines data management and data science services and the ability of leading technology providers to solve enterprise data challenges.

At Genpact, we are industrializing generative AI development by creating innovative solutions and building use cases across industries. With a strong data foundation at the core, we ensure businesses are ready for the next technological evolution, whatever it may be.

We achieve this by upskilling all employees in data science techniques, shifting them away from transactional projects and into insight-generating roles. Combined with our deep industry expertise, our strategic partnerships with top-tier technology vendors deliver competitive advantage and accelerated value to our clients every time. More importantly, our robust governance frameworks allow organizations to innovate with ease, creating solutions that are fair and trustworthy.

Data science services

Genpact provides Data-Tech-AI services to boost digital transformation initiatives using systems of engagement, insights, and experience solutions.

We base our innovative AI offerings on a strong foundation of data, tech, and cloud capabilities. We promote productivity with AI-led decision-making, and our machine learning blueprint strategy enables collaboration and efficient model development.

Data engineering services

Genpact's data engineering services align businesses with their goals through a data-focused approach to business transformation.

Our strengths include comprehensive consulting, implementation, and cloud migration with the help of proprietary tools and accelerators. Our deep industry-specific expertise aids in developing data platforms based on machine learning. Genpact also has strong partnerships with Google, AWS, Azure, and Snowflake, showcasing our success in highly regulated industries.

Data management services

Genpact's robust data governance practices aid enterprises in managing data to tackle compliance, risk, security, and privacy issues.

Our strengths include a comprehensive and structured approach to data governance, integrating processes, technologies, and services for a variety of use cases. Our focus on risk management, data privacy, and compliance helps enterprises manage controls and compliance needs. PowerMe, Genpact's intelligent data platform, ensures data reliability, allowing businesses to prevent inconsistencies and make confident decisions.

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