Case Study

Bringing clarity to estimates

The inspection-as-a-service tools that revamped one insurer’s claims estimates

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Who we worked with

A US auto insurer with operations in 17 states.

What the company needed

The insurer wanted to reduce the overall cost of writing auto claims estimates by decreasing its reliance on independent appraisers (IAs). It also needed to improve the productivity of internal staff by upping the number of estimates each of its appraisers could write in a day.

How we helped

We introduced OnSource, a Genpact company that provides inspection-asa-service (IaaS) for property and casualty insurers and their customers. Its services include cutting-edge drone technology, a smartphone app to capture HD photos, videos, and written descriptions, and an immediate-response inspection model with 17,000+ photo field inspectors.

What the company got

By adopting OnSource’s platform of smartphone apps and its network of photo inspectors, the insurer improved its existing cost structure and increased the number of desk-written estimates from each appraiser. Not only did the company boost productivity, it also reduced reliance on expensive IAs.


Eliminate appraisal inefficiencies to reduce costs and increase productivity

This insurer faced a common industry challenge: How to keep the cost of appraisals down? The firm had a staff of 41 field appraisers, plus a considerable number of IAs, which translated to high costs. Worse, the IAs’ appraisals were often not as accurate as staff-written estimates.

The insurer knew that if it could up the number of internally written appraisals, it could improve the accuracy of estimates – and bring down costs..


A streamlined estimates process using OnSource’s IaaS tools, combined with our AI-based platform, Genpact Cora

We integrated OnSource and Genpact Cora to allow carriers to seamlessly write accurate estimates. These digital tools enabled the insured to self-inspect claims, and the carrier to make use of a large network of field photo inspectors. Plus, supplements could be agreed upon more quickly and collaboratively – lifting customer satisfaction.

The insurer launched the OnSource platform after it undertook a successful pilot project with its fast-track claims team. Initially, the team used OnSource’s network of inspectors. As the program moved forward, OnSource also developed a branded mobile app so customers can self-inspect and produce their own auto claim photos.

Today, OnSource either coordinates an appointment with policyholders and then sends an inspector to take photos, or sets up the app for self-service inspection, depending on what’s best for the policyholder. Once the photos are back, OnSource conducts quality assurance prior to sending them to the insurer.

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A lean, effective, and accurate estimates process

The program has achieved its aims by not only reducing claims costs and the company’s reliance on IAs, but improving loss accuracy as well. OnSource now conducts 43% of the firm’s repairable estimates: OnSource’s photo inspector network conducts 24%, while the self-serve app handles 19%.

The benefits have been substantial. What’s more, this leaner team has nearly doubled the number of written estimates it produces every day.

OnSource has had a positive impact on indemnity, too. While severity has increased across the industry, the IaaS platform has helped this auto insurer to hold the line at its existing average claim severity level of $1,500. And the company’s supplement claims rate is now 28% – lower than the industry average of 30%.

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