Wealth Management

Put the focus back on your clients with smarter wealth management administration
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Cora Affluent Customer Engagement helps banks provide a truly integrated experience for their wealth management clients.

Turn your advisors' attention back to where it belongs – with the customers

Grow your business and your clients' wealth in the digital age


more efficient reporting


reduction in tax reporting delays


upfront cost reduction

We have products and solutions that fit your needs

I want to grow more profitably without sacrificing client experience.

1 Product & Solution

Account servicing

Genpact uses end-to-end account servicing, advanced portfolio management tools, and a silo-free operating model to make wealth management operations more efficient and advisors more productive.

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I want to move beyond my legacy systems.

2 Products & Solutions

Business process as a service (BPaaS)

Our BPaaS model combines cloud-based technology, a proprietary wealth management platform and our managed services to help wealth management firms grow and scale their business. A BPaaS model means you can take advantage of best-in-class technology and standardized, yet configurable, processes without major capital outlays.

Business Technology Services

We help wealth management firms fast track their digital agenda by transforming their IT ecosystem. Our application, cloud, and third-party integration services connect your enterprise ecosystem, enhance security and automate your business functions. The result – agility, speed, and scalability.

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I want to digitize my wealth management operations.

1 Product & Solution

AI-powered wealth management platform

Cora LiveWealth is artificial intelligence based wealth management solution that transforms the financial advisor and client experience, and handles data aggregation and data analytics with ease.

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