Accrual Assistant

With our Accrual Assistant, you can close your books with speed and accuracy – and give your finance teams more time for analysis and insights.

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Accrual Assistant Highlights

  • 100
    automation of standard accruals
  • 60
    automation of non-recurring accruals
  • 40
    productivity improvement
  • Smart analytics

    Identify the root cause of journal-entry exceptions.

  • Automated processing

    Accrual Assistant co-exists with your systems, workflow, and standard ERP functionality to automate journal entry processing.

Request origination

Extract journal instructions from multiple sources – including email, cloud-based repositories, and SFTP servers – using AI technology to manage structured and unstructured data.

Request processing

Process, prepare, and park journal entries to your ERP using recurring journal entry functionality.

Exceptions management

Accrual Assistant parks exceptions for manual processing, and has built-in rules to validate the chart of accounts. It can also automatically set up accruals that are caused due to defined expenses patterns and corporate actions.

Validation and analytics

The technology validates mandatory fields, and intelligent analytics determine the volume, type, and causes of exceptions. Our dashboards then show the potential P&L status of journal entries in process in real time.

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