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Artificial intelligence powers CFO reporting

The phrase “the buck stops here” is one no C-suite executive takes lightly. For CFOs, one of the responsibilities that rests in their hands is to provide internal leadership teams and the external market with insightful reports that explain company performance and provide predictive insights.

But if you're like many CFOs, your company's legacy systems and manual processes cause your finance team to spend too much time gathering and validating internal and external data for accurate reporting. Time you should be dedicating to analyzing information and uncovering insights that enhance decision-making, and allow you to confidently offer predictive insights, not just report on the past.

It's very difficult to boost stakeholders' confidence without an objective or consistent view of performance across the business. A view that includes insights built on all the relevant internal and external data.

Intelligent Reporting Assistant

Genpact's Intelligent Reporting Assistant, powered by Genpact Cora, our AI-based platform, uses advanced digital technologies and analytics to gather and analyze structured and unstructured data from internal and external data sources.

Solution overview

Artificial intelligence powers CFO reporting
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