Only when we stand together can we move forward

A note from Tiger Tyagarajan

I write to you from a place of deep sadness and anger over the events that have ensued in the past few weeks. The recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are only the latest visible manifestations of the deep-rooted racism that continues to poison the United States. Black people have long suffered disproportionate violence and oppression that directly contradicts the notion that we live in a just society. While my grief and outrage are profound and sincere, I don’t pretend to understand the depth of frustration, anger, and pain that the Black community faces in this country.

These violent acts are appalling and draw our attention to the systemic injustices – implicit and explicit - that feed our hidden prejudices and biases. As I reflect on these events, as a husband, a father, a leader, and most importantly, as a fellow human being, I feel a sense of responsibility to be unequivocal in my support of communities of color, at Genpact and beyond, in actionable ways that push us closer to the world that we strive to create. 

Racism and discrimination, in many forms, remains toxic to too many societies around the world. The protests we are seeing across the United States and around the world are a painful and urgent reminder that while the pain and anguish caused by terrible acts harm us all, our black colleagues, friends, and family disproportionately bear the brunt of this inequality.

These frightening and chaotic times remind us that only when we stand together, we move forward. Racism restrains the collective success we can achieve as a people when we embrace our differences and unleash them for the greater good…not for destruction and hurt. Amidst the horror and violence, I am encouraged by the signs of hope, in the peaceful and powerful moments we are seeing in people coming together to help each other, to show support, to stand together in solidarity.

I don’t have a specific solution for what comes next. What I do know is that it is important for us all to listen, to learn, and to try to understand. I, alongside our leadership team, will be thinking of ways in which we can engage in honest and vulnerable conversation within our company, and will come back to you on that in the coming days. 

As we work through this scary and painful time, I encourage all of us to do our part in listening more deeply, acting more humanely, treating all people with compassion and equality. And moving together toward the world we want to live in. Because, together, we rise. 


Tiger Tyagarajan