Enabling safer workplaces with testing

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Insights and resources to help enterprises keep employees safe while in the office

Going back to the office requires employers to keep their fingers on the pulse of health and wellness and prioritize ways to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks. To keep employees safe and operations running, leading organizations are setting up in-office testing programs.

To help get testing underway in your business, we're sharing insights from the Rapid Action Consortium on the impact testing has on infection rates, guidelines for in-office safety, and how to create a better environment for employees as the economy reopens.

US Rapid Action Consortium commends call for vaccines, testing

Standing by President Biden's call for companies to require vaccinations or weekly tests.

The key to safely reopening the US economy: Rapid testing and vaccines

The need for rapid testing alongside vaccines to reopen the US economy.

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A guide for businesses: Building resilience in 2021

How we're helping global companies adapt to the pandemic.

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How businesses will remain resilient: Testing plans

Darren Saumur, Michael Mina, and Ajay Agrawal on returning to the office quickly and safely.

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Kick-starting economies while keeping people safe

Administering COVID-19 antigen screens across Canada with the Rapid Screening Consortium.

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A safer way to reopen: focusing on workplace testing for COVID-19

Steven Phillips from the COVID Collaborative on the need for rapid testing in the workplace.

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How to overcome challenges of testing in the workplace

What you need to know about setting up workplace testing and how to make it simple and effective.

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Could regular testing of workers slow the spread of COVID-19?

The Today Show spotlights Genpact's testing program at our Richardson, TX office.

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A program that boosted rapid testing in Canada will try to do the same in the US

The New York Times covers the launch of the US Rapid Action Consortium.

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Our work with the Rapid Action Consortium

Propelled by our purpose, the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people, Genpact is leveraging our business process and technology innovation expertise to help the business community scale and accelerate the adoption of widespread rapid testing. To achieve this, we co-founded the Rapid Action Consortium along with the Creative Destruction Lab Rapid Screening Consortium and COVID Collaborative.