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Propelling economic recovery

Joining together to make workplaces safer for everyone

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The US Rapid Action Consortium

In addition to being a global health crisis and an economic crisis, COVID-19 is fundamentally an information problem of a size and scale the world has never seen before. As with any complex global information problem, the solution requires the intelligent use of data and technology and for the right parties to come together to create ecosystems of impact.

The US Rapid Action Consortium has a clear mission: to enable community wellness and economic recovery by keeping workplaces safe.

Scientists and experts agree that COVID-19 will not be fully eradicated anytime soon, and rapid testing and vaccinations must go hand in hand. With millions of lives impacted and billions of dollars in economic activity lost each week, the US Rapid Action Consortium provides guidance and resources on COVID-19 rapid testing programs to enable businesses to create safer workplaces. We welcome members from organizations of all sizes, from all industries and sectors.

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The relentless pursuit of better

Propelled by our purpose, the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people, Genpact is applying its business process and technology innovation expertise to help develop and launch workplace testing programs across the US and Canada. We have published and shared our playbook of workplace testing guidelines and protocols as a public good to help organizations keep operations running and employees safe.

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Criteria to join

The consortium is an expansion of a successful program led by the Creative Destruction Lab Rapid Screening Consortium (CDL RSC) in Canada, where Genpact is a founding partner. Now, Genpact, CDL RSC, and the Covid Collaborative have come together to launch the Consortium in the US.

By joining the consortium your company agrees to:

  • Dedicate two to three resources to this effort
  • Enable IT teams to connect to the central data system and set up the company's local pilot dashboard
  • Provide funding to purchase tests and cover the IT setup
  • Commit to 60 hours of 'pay it forward' time over 10 weeks to share information and support current and future member organizations

View the fact sheet and the advisory committee members for more information.

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