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The U.S. Rapid Action Consortium

In addition to being a global health crisis and an economic crisis, COVID-19 is fundamentally an information problem of a size and scale the world has never seen before. As with any complex, global information problem, the solution will require intelligent use of data and technology, and the ability for the right parties to come together to create ecosystems of impact.   

Founded on the belief that the private sector is a powerful part of the solution, the U.S. Rapid Action Consortium has a clear mission: to safely and effectively reopen the U.S. economy faster. With millions of lives impacted and billions of dollars being lost in economic activity each week, the U.S Rapid Action Consortium will aim to create a COVID-19 rapid action testing system to better enable U.S. businesses in creating a safer workplace.

The U.S. Rapid Action Consortium is an expansion of a successful program led by the Creative Destruction Lab Rapid Screening Consortium (CDL RSC) in Canada, of which Genpact is a founding partner. Genpact, The CDL Creative Destruction Lab, and Covid Collaborative have come together to launch this Consortium in the U.S. to rapidly accelerate a safe reopening of the U.S. economy.  

Scientists and experts agree that COVID-19 will not be fully eradicated anytime soon, and Rapid Antigen testing, along with other actions, are essential to public and workplace safety. Testing and vaccinations are two critical elements of an effective reopening strategy that will go hand in hand.

Criteria to join

Each company must:

  • Make available up to 2-3 dedicated resources aligned to this effort 
  • Align IT team engagement to support connection to central data system and the set-up of their own local pilot site dashboard 
  • Cover funding for its own tests purchased and IT set up  
  • Commit to 60 hours of “Pay It Forward” time (over 10 weeks) for information sharing and support of current and future participating companies 

For further information, please view the fact sheet and the advisory committee members.

Apply Here

The application window for the first cohort of businesses to join the U.S. Rapid Action Consortium is now open. We have a few remaining spots available for companies who share the same desire to safely reopen their in-office operations and have at least 1,000 employees in U.S. offices and work sites.  The initial founding companies will be at the forefront of developing and scaling best practices in safely returning to work through testing.

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Participating Organizations

The relentless pursuit of better

Propelled by its purpose, the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people, Genpact is leveraging its business process and technology innovation expertise as the operating partner of the U.S. Rapid Action Consortium to help the U.S. business community scale and accelerate widespread adoption of rapid testing.

Leveraging thousands of hours of research, vast quantities of data, and insights from the CDL Rapid Screening Consortium’s pilots across Canada, the U.S. Consortium will aim to create and make available testing protocols that are scalable and able to be leveraged by most organizations (regardless of size, location, and facilities), while developing best practices through research, testing, innovation and validation.

Accelerating the journey to a healthier, safer future

We stand alongside the businesses and regulators on the frontline at a time when the stakes have never been higher. Visit our Covid Response page to watch our CEO’s interview with the New York Stock Exchange and to read some of our recent coverage.

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