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Workplace testing guidelines:

Key for business continuity and employee wellness

genpact rapid action consortium covid 19 rapid screening playbook

Keeping operations running and employees safe

The pandemic has continued to challenge businesses' ability to keep the doors open and employees and communities safe. As we enter a new phase of the pandemic every few months, one thing remains constant: testing alongside vaccines is our best defense against COVID-19. But how can companies offer testing at scale? The US government has not yet provided guidelines for setting up workplace testing programs even though they are crucial to mitigating outbreaks. The COVID-19 rapid screening program playbook meets that need.

Launching a workplace testing program

The playbook was developed by the US Rapid Action Consortium, founded by Genpact, the COVID Collaborative, and the Creative Destruction Lab, wrote the playbook to enable workplace and community safety through widespread rapid antigen testing. It shares crucial lessons based on insights gathered from nearly 1.7 million tests by more than 1,800 participating companies, across more than 2,900 locations, including:

  • Minimum viable roles and responsibilities
  • Location and participant assessments
  • Testing frequency
  • Data management
  • Waste management

With the hands-on insights from health professionals, academics, scientists, and businesses, the playbook provides the steps and best practices businesses needs to launch a workplace testing program. Read the playbook.

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For more information on the Rapid Action Consortium, or to become a member, visit Genpact COVID-19 rapid screening program.