Life sciences and healthcare: The pursuit of better

Where digital technologies save lives

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A prescription for enhancing patient health

Dedicated to saving lives and improving wellbeing, life sciences and healthcare companies can protect more people than ever with digital technologies and analytics.

Accurate predictive insights give healthcare enterprises a head start on where people will fall ill, anticipate adverse events, or understand where critical equipment will be in highest demand.

At Genpact, we combine advanced analytics with our industry knowledge to help companies monitor hotspots, predict where medicine, equipment, or people need to be, and save more lives. This is how healthcare companies protect front-line workers and make sure their patients are in safe hands.

We are in the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people.


See how we deliver lasting change

AI monitoring vaccine side effects

Our pharmacovigilance solution uses AI to help the UK Government track and respond to people's reactions after receiving the Coronavirus vaccine.

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Making life-securing PPE decisions

A global healthcare company adapted commercial analytics to forecast demand for PPE and keep workers safe.

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Digital transforming life sciences

Consumers and the regulatory landscape have high demands, so life sciences companies must adapt to remain competitive. We bring life sciences consulting and technologies to global companies, accelerating speed to market, unlocking growth, and increasing patient safety.

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Making patient centricity real in healthcare

Disruptive change can drive better patient outcomes. We partner with global healthcare companies to address rising costs, changing demographics and regulations, and industry consolidation with digital solutions. See how we boost patient and customer satisfaction and mitigate risk.

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