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From being unprotected to more connected online

purpose high tech genpact
purpose high tech genpact

Shielding loved ones in a digital world

Technology is firmly embedded in people's lives. Whether communicating with family, friends, or colleagues, or researching the next big buy, we rely on technology every day. And we don't expect it cause us harm.

Hate speech and harassment are increasing around the world, and user-generated content on the web can be a breeding ground for toxic content and distressing user experiences.

We build trust-and-safety frameworks that use AI to help organizations filter out inappropriate content, protecting both their content moderators and users.

Now more people can stay connected and stay safe online.

We are in the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people.

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How automation and AI keep workers and users safe

With growing volumes of sinister content threatening its users' online safety, a tech giant needed to act. We introduced a more robust approach to content moderation that increases trust in its organization and the safety of all users and workers.

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Building value for high tech

We take an agile and practical approach to helping high-tech companies enhance their businesses with digital technologies and analytics. See how our work generates business growth and reduces risk.

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The relentless pursuit of a world
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