Insurance: The pursuit of better

From despair to repaired

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Helping people get back on their feet

When catastrophes strike and livelihoods are threatened, people turn to their insurers to get them get back onto solid ground.

Genpact works with leading insurance firms to help their customers feel safe and secure once again.

Combining our digital capabilities with industry knowledge, we deploy drones to inspect damage and use advanced technologies like computer vision to fully assess losses.

By settling customers’ claims at speed, people can quickly make repairs and return to life as normal.

We are in the relentless pursuit of a world that works better for people.

The calm after the storm

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Catastrophe claims services

Armed with computer vision, augmented reality, and AI, Genpact helps insurers settle claims fast.

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Insurance, claims, and finance transformation

Insurers around the world trust us to make transformation happen. We reimagine experiences and processes to improve customer acquisition and loyalty, and enhance combined ratios, risk management, and pricing.

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See how our purpose creates a world that works better for people in your industry