Insights for the future of manufacturing

instinctive enterprise manufacturing insights
instinctive enterprise manufacturing insights

How companies can thrive in the age of instinct

Planning for the future is as important as learning from the past. Our research reveals three macrotrends that will shape our world and the manufacturing industry by 2025. See how leading manufacturers will use digital technologies to transform into instinctive enterprises.

Get ready for the future manufacturing

Manufacturing in the Age of Instinct: As you prepare for the world you'll operate in tomorrow, our report offers a guide to transformation.

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Creating and customizing experiences with AI

See how manufacturers can use AI to create augmented workforces equipped to deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

Purpose leads to profit

Explore how manufacturers can meet customer expectations for companies to be ethically and environmentally responsible.

Designing your manufacturing ecosystem

Discover why manufacturers must explore new partnerships to unlock capital for service-led business models.


High-tech manufacturing

Digitization, servitization, customization. These priorities come up time and again for high-tech manufacturing.

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Consumer electronics manufacturing

To build resilience, see why consumer electronics manufacturers need cutting-edge, futureproof operations.

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Industrial machinery manufacturing

As we look to the future, industrial machinery is well placed to merge human and machine capabilities.


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Evolve into an instinctive enterprise

Acutely aware. Immediately responsive. What will it take for businesses to thrive in the future?