Journeys in Transformation: Finding structure with data on cloud

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In adjusting to changing business conditions, enterprise leaders are increasingly looking to migrate their data to the cloud to make better, faster decisions and drive growth.

And it's all for a good reason. Cloud computing enables digital transformation, delivering flexibility, scalability, cost savings, and security. But enterprise leaders know that bringing all their data into one place is a colossal task, often marked by surprises and potential issues.

As a result, a successful transition to the cloud requires a well-executed data on cloud strategy in which customer experience is the focus, employees understand the benefits, and governance isn't compromised.

To achieve this, developing a tailored data fabric is crucial. Join Genpact's global analytics leader, Amaresh Tripathy, and Microsoft's former chief data and analytics officer, Priya Raman, as they discuss how to build a bespoke data fabric on the cloud.

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