Case Study

Keeping customers active and happy with a better feedback system

Genpact’s CoraSeQuence boosts user satisfaction for a mobility equipment maker

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Who we worked with

Össur, a global manufacturer and distributor of mobility equipment, which focuses on prosthetics, osteoarthritis products, and products to alleviate injuries.

What the company needed

A faster way to get user feedback for better customer experiences and first-hand R&D information.

How we helped

We put our intelligent business process management suite, now called Genpact Cora SeQuence, to work connecting people, systems, and devices to help the firm achieve its strategic goals.

What the company got

A best-in-class customer feedback process that reduced customer service registration time by more than 80%, decreased product inspection resolution time by 70%, and doubled the volume of feedback it receives from its customers.

Mergers and acquisitions can be great for profitability, but they often bring IT problems to the surface. That was the case with Össur. It completed 13 acquisitions over a seven-year period, boosting its annual revenue by more than 1000%. And although its profitability was stable, many of its front, middle and back office processes — and the IT architecture underlying them — failed to keep pace with its enormous growth.


Make the first updates and improvements where it really counts. Customer service.

  • To identify areas of improvement, the company established a global process development (GPD) program and a business process management (BPM) team to identify areas of improvement.
  • Of the initial 250 ideas that the team submitted, the company’s outdated customer feedback process quickly rose to the top of the list. Capture rates were declining, people found it complicated to register in the system, and the response time for customer queries and comments was far too long.
  • The company knew these issues kept it from delivering on its motto, Life without limitations. If it failed to change how it managed customer feedback, it risked losing customers, reputation, and revenue.

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A suite that manages customer feedback flawlessly

Össur’s BPM team implemented a digital dynamic business process management suite to transform its customer feedback process. The digital solution, now called Genpact CoraSequence, automates business processes to get the most out of them.

The transformation roadmap had seven comprehensive phases:

  • Planning
  • As-is
  • To-be
  • IT selection
  • Design and development
  • Rollout
  • Closure

After initial planning, the team mapped the as-is process in all relevant locations, and selected change agents in each to act as evangelists throughout the project.

A group of managers and users designed the to-be process in a three-day face-to-face workshop. A BPM team and IT experts ran the workshop to ensure that deep process and IT thinking was part of planning from the start.

As the design developed and IT requirements became evident, IT selection came into play.

Next, in the design and development phase, the team used agile methodologies to ensure that the to-be process design was followed and that change management protocols were observed.

In the rollout phase, the team focused on supporting process leaders and champions at each site to lead the training and rollout. These leaders continue to support future customer feedback developments and improvements.

Finally, in the closure phase, the global process owner team formally took over.


A much better managed, intensely personal relationship with customers

Genpact Cora SeQuence, as the solution is now called, helped Össur vastly improve its customers’ quality of life with service and products.

The proof? Already, the new customer feedback process has:

  • Reduced customer service registration time from five minutes to less than one minute
  • Doubled feedback capture
  • Reduced product inspection resolution time by 70%
  • Allowed the company to monitor newly instituted process metrics through a simple-to-use dashboard, so fixes and resolutions can take place quickly
  • Given the firm more in-depth reporting

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Since those successes, the Össur, BPM team has applied the Genpact Cora SeQuence suite to transform other processes. Results from these process transformations include:

  • A 13% reduction in inventory levels through global planning, and significantly lowered inventory carrying costs
  • A 20% increase in order entry time
  • A 10% decrease in payroll expenses per shipment
  • A 30% reduction in the cost of future loaner equipment

Most important, the company has improved the customer experience with fast and accurate responses to queries and issues. Genpact CoraSequence also makes new product delivery possible , for even greater customer loyalty and increased profitability.