Case Study

Forbes 2000 beverage major sees marketing spend optimized 5 percent through process redesign and analytics

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A Forbes 2000 beverage company

Consumer goods

Business need addressed:
Better understanding of consumer preferences to design right sales and advertising strategy

Genpact solution:
Designed a robust forecasting model based on historical spend and detailed consumer preference study. Developed a customized web-based business intelligence (BI) portal

Business impact:

  • Marketing spend optimization and effective product portfolio planning
  • Better consumer understanding for delivering increased customer satisfaction

Business challenge

A global beverage manufacturer wanted help in understanding consumer preferences and formulating the right sales and advertising strategy. Their existing processes were sub optimal due to:

  • Inadequate capacity to do custom research and analysis for understanding customer preferences
  • Disparate internal and 3rd party sales and marketing data across brands, accounts, time periods and geographies
  • Limited capability to forecast sales based on macro-economic models which made it difficult to allocate spend for maximum effectiveness of marketing vehicles

Genpact solution

  • Research design, execution and analysis to understand consumer preferences and needs to help in portfolio planning
  • Customized web based BI portal - Centralized data warehouse to enable data integration combined with sophisticated OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) platform and visualization/reporting mechanisms
  • Sales and marketing analytics - Marketing and advertising spend analysis, forecasting model based on sales, consumer and macro-economic data

Business impact delivered

  • Optimized marketing and advertising spend by 5%
  • Enabled effective brand and sales strategy and timely product-portfolio decisions

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