Case study

Digital opens water company’s floodgates to better customer service and satisfaction

Who we worked with

South West Water, a provider of reliable, efficient, and high-quality drinking water and waste water services to more than a million customers in south west England.

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What the company needed

An automated way to allocate customer work orders to its team members.

How we helped

Introduced the Cora SeQuence intelligent BPM platform and its easy-to-customize environment, which quickly automated 42 of the client’s customer-facing work allocation processes.

What the company got

A system that directly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.


Keep teams on top of work for fast responses to customers

South West Water receives approximately 1,000 customer work orders, spread across several hundred different work types — every day — so it needed an efficient way to allocate work across its team members. As part of its commitment to excellent customer service, the company uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM extensively to manage customer relationships. Yet while that system has powerful tools, it can’t allocate work or manage queues. To keep its customers happy and its parent company’s shareholders satisfied, it needed an automated workflow solution.

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Standardization. Speed. SeQuence.

South West Water selected Cora SeQuence for three key reasons. First, the company wanted an automated solution that uses a standard set of business processes and allows performance monitoring and measurement throughout each stage. Second, Cora SeQuence’s direct, out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM would ensure seamless operation. Third, Cora SeQuence’s drag and droptype building environment would allow the company to quickly create the 42 processes and 26 electronic web forms it needed with minimal developer support.

Cora SeQuence automatically allocates work, including customer moves and new service initiations, based on team members’ availability and the number of hours each employee works each day. And because it removes manual work allocation and prioritization from the customer service equation, supervisors and team leaders have more time to focus on higher value team- and customer-facing activities.

In the near future, South West Water plans to integrate Cora SeQuence into its back-end system to gain easy access to data housed in its ERP.


Finding data in all the right places — on a SeQuence dashboard

With Cora SeQuence, South West Water has:

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction through automated work allocation
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Achieved greater regulatory compliance

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