Genpact at Davos

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Genpact’s discussions at the World Economic Forum 2020

Genpact’s senior executives joined global leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January to discuss critical topics. 

To support the forum’s mission of improving the state of the world, our executives, including CEO, Tiger Tyagarajan, and chief strategy officer, Katie Stein, shared their insights on the event’s key themes. 

From the challenges of reskilling and opportunities from digital technologies like AI, to the shifts that companies must make to thrive within disruption, listen to the team’s points of view. 

Listen to the team’s points of view below.

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Updates from WEF 2020

Yahoo! Finance talks to Tiger Tyagarajan on turning disruption into a source of growth

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How we shared Genpact’s views on key WEF topics

Tiger talks to CNBC TV18

Transformation, diversity, and the experience economy – Tiger discusses the road ahead on CNBC

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Thomson Reuters interviews Katie Stein

Our chief strategy officer talks about digital disruption and reveals insights from our coming study on AI

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Four ways to build a sustainable workforce

Tiger shares his views on what business leaders can do to build a sustainable workforce

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How experience can shape a cohesive and sustainable world

Read Katie’s latest blog on how companies shouldn’t undervalue the role of seamless experiences

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The next frontier of business

Insights from senior executives, workers, and consumers on AI adoption in our 2020 AI 360 study

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See how businesses will transform

Become an instinctive enterprise

What will it take for businesses to thrive in the future?


Meet the instinctive bank

Making the shift from financial services to financial betterment

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Accelerating transformation

How motor racing and businesses embrace AI to reshape the future and boost performance

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