We help companies forecast cash flow, rethink credit strategies, improve collections and deductions management, and gain visibility into their cash conversion cycle to build resilience and foster growth.

Cora ARFlow transforms accounts receivable management by enhancing collaboration and streamlining operations.

As companies worldwide adapt to the impact of COVID-19, we offer six ways that finance operations can unlock cash by managing working capital more efficiently with digital finance.

See how digital interventions can help finance teams reduce credit risk, and optimize cash flow and working capital management during a crisis.


billion AR portfolio managed


billion business impact delivered to clients


million invoices managed each year

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I want to automate my accounts receivable process.

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Cash Applications Management

Our Touchless Cash Application management solution uses computational linguistics and optical character recognition to process different data formats. It matches payments to open invoices, sends alerts for unidentified payments, and manages refunds and exceptions. This gives clients greater accuracy and end customer satisfaction.

Deductions Management

Our solution automates dispute resolution. It aggregates dispute and deductions data and uses a dynamic workflow to provide real-time visibility of dispute status for monitoring and governance. It extracts unstructured data and routes exceptions to resolution owners, reduces revenue leakage and enables straight-through processing.

Account Administration

We use RPA and AI to automate customer master data and contract setup cutting down process cycle time, eliminating manual errors, reducing cost and improving user experience. It automatically pulls data from credit bureaus and flags changes to relevant users that enables line-of-credit assessments, reviews and continual credit-threshold management.

Electronic Invoicing

Our electronic invoicing solution automates billing and cash application, improves invoice delivery and control over processes. It captures data from multiple billing sources to create a single view and delivers invoices electronically, which enables collaboration between disputed environment for online payments.

I want to streamline my accounts receivable process.

1 Product & Solution

One Integrated Solution

Our cloud-based technology complements your existing ERP and IT investments to improve operational performance and business agility. It includes credit risk management, a collections workbench, cash application and forecasting, e-invoicing, and online payment. Cora ARFlow can help you reduce DSO and past due AR and improve user experience.

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I want to improve collections with digital.

1 Product & Solution

Collections Optimization

Switch on predictive modeling and accurately forecast past-due invoices and AR risk with our cloud-based dynamic credit and collections engine. With its continuous assessment of collections portfolios and strategy it identifies patterns across vast data sets, predicts customer payment behavior, and helps manage customer credit risk in real time.

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