Service design

Transform poor experiences into exceptional experiences. Imagine new ways of working to meet the needs of employees and customers

service design
service design


There are so many factors that play a part in creating seamless, personalized, and memorable experiences in the enterprise. Service design examines everything in a way that puts people first to get experiences right the first time.

Map your journey and design a blueprint

Extensive user research builds every great experience. Once you uncover insights into what your users want, you can develop a service design blueprint to turn these insights into action. It will guide you to develop new ways of working and effectively manage change across the front, middle, and back offices.

Redesign internal and external experiences

A great customer experience starts with a great employee experience. Get a better understanding of employee needs through qualitative and quantitative research. Then conduct workshops and ideation sessions to design better ways of doing business that improve employee and customer satisfaction to help your business achieve its goals.

Featured solutions

Context is key when it comes to service design. We look for ways to address the root cause of poor experiences, instead of putting a shiny new cover over a broken process. In this way, we create customer and employee experiences that are impactful, innovative, and sustainable.

Begin with research

We conduct extensive qualitative and quantitative research and personas to get closer to your customers, employees, and partners to unlock insights that support world-class experiences.


Get to the root cause

Process mapping, digital twins, and predictive analytics can uncover the root cause of any problem. Combined with technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud, we'll help you develop a future-proof solution.


Create an agile digital environment

Every business needs a digital operating model. Service design, backed by agile and Lean Six Sigma methodologies will help develop an operating model that meets the needs of every user.


Measure the impact

Creating exceptional experiences with service design is an ongoing journey. We'll track your progress and measure the impact of your investments from brand reputation to customer loyalty.


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faster ROI using agile methodologies

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How Bridgewater and Genpact are putting people first

Transforming employee experience with service design can improve the customer experience too.