Service Design

Imagine new ways of working and meet your business objectives by examining experiences through a human-centric lens.

Service Design Highlights

  • 50
    faster ROI through agile methodologies
  • 90
    Genpact employees focused on digital transformation
  • 700
    enterprise clients, many of which rank in the Fortune 500
  • Define your vision and create a blueprint

    Guide your teams using a Service Design Blueprint. These service blueprints help organizations identify new ways of working, and guide changes across the front, middle, and back office to put the needs of customers, employees, and partners first.

  • Redesign internal and external experiences

    Great customer experiences begin with your employees. Start by identifying employee needs through qualitative and quantitative research. Then, conduct workshops and ideation sessions to design new ways of working that improve both employee and customer satisfaction and UX and achieve your business objectives.

  • Create an agile, innovative environment

    Establish programmatic innovation initiatives and incubators, underpinned by agile and Lean Six Sigma methodologies. Combine feedback from your people and data-based insights to work toward a holistic, experience-led transformation.

Looking to improve your user experience?

Service design helps you get experience-led transformation right first time.

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Getting experience-led transformation right

Focus on research and design

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand the needs of your customers, employees, and partners to gain insights that support world-class experiences. Then, we work together to develop a future state vision for your business.

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What on earth is Service Design, anyway?

Realize your vision

From whiteboarding to implementation, we help you realize your vision and meet business objectives. We design pilots and prototypes, using process mapping, digital twins, and predictive analytics to validate assumptions and unlock the benefits of new solutions. We also help facilitate new ways of working across your business.

Measure the impact

We establish innovative environments and incubators to measure and future-proof your experiences. You can experiment, review, and validate performance results while blending data and human-based insights to continuously deliver the next best experience.

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