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Keep your data safe with Genpact's cloud security solutions

Secure cloud-enabled transformation using mature cloud security solutions

Data is at the heart of every business, and today, most data is on the cloud. But how do you keep data safe? This is where cloud security comes in. It ensures data, applications, and infrastructure are safe from accidental and deliberate security breaches.

But as the volume of data grows and cloud adoption rises, cybersecurity risks increase too – making cloud security a priority.

Cloud security challenges

From ransomware to phishing attacks, cyberthreats outpace the security capabilities of most enterprises. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Rapid transformation: Cloud environments grow quickly, leaving security capabilities lagging. In a rush to respond, enterprises tend to focus on ad hoc security measures instead of proactive digital risk management strategies
  • A lack of clarity: New ways of working, increased reliance on the cloud, and changing employee behaviors make it incredibly difficult to predict threats and build adequate defenses
  • Hybrid and remote working: IT security is no longer as simple as protecting a fixed data center or office network. Hybrid and remote workers make attractive targets for cybercriminals, leaving enterprises more vulnerable to attack
  • Limited board-level support: A lack of understanding and support and a struggle to get buy-in and budget from the boardroom prevents chief information security officers (CISOs) from performing their roles effectively

Thankfully, with the right strategy, technology, and expertise, enterprises can take control of cloud security and data protection. With help, CISOs can proactively address the digital security of cloud-enabled solutions.

The Genpact approach

We work with global enterprises to design, build, and manage secure cloud computing security solutions. We enable digital risk protection and compliance with industry regulations. Your business can work with our cybersecurity experts, cloud security architects, security engineering teams, and a network of leading security partners. Together, we build unique cloud security solutions – that can fit every industry – to cover all aspects of cloud data security.

A closer look at our offerings

  • Cloud security advisory
    • Maturity assessment: We'll assess the overall maturity of your cloud security program against industry frameworks from the likes of the Cloud Security Alliance, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and your cloud service provider benchmarks. We'll identify your current security posture, related risks, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues for detailed recommendations to drive overall program maturity
    • Cloud design, architecture risk assessment, and configuration review: We can incorporate secure design features into your cloud solutions, identify attack surfaces, risks, and misconfigurations – and how to fix them
    • Cloud data security assessment: Using our unique cloud data security framework and leading data security practices, we'll customize this assessment based on the maturity of your cloud data security capabilities. And we'll follow the regulatory requirements for your industry
    • Cloud security modernization solutions: Co-developed with leading cloud security platform providers, we help clients advance and modernize cloud security and solve the most challenging problems they face in adopting mature cloud capabilities
    • Cloud migrations and app modernization: Set up secure landing zones and related security guard rails, configure cloud resources, and implement infrastructure as code security capabilities – including scanning and policy as code features to improve cloud security posture and reduce misconfigurations
    • Cloud security posture management and cloud-native application protection platform program: This improves observability, cloud detection and response, security operations, and compliance assurance capabilities
    • Zero trust security model assessment and program enablement: Drive defense with deep security capabilities, strong identity attribution, and granular access control for sensitive data
    • Cloud software supply chain assessment and program enablement: Address security and compliance risks from the usage of third-party or open-source software within cloud workloads
  • Development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) and Application Security: DevSecOps is a development practice that considers security at every stage of the software development lifecycle. We help companies secure modern applications and architecture, including cloud-native and containerized apps, to:
    • Manage a DevSecOps maturity assessment using our unique security frameworks and leading software development lifecycle (SDLC) practices
    • Accelerate the build of your DevSecOps platform and operating model to include governance, security processes, KPIs, and more
    • Speed up your secure SDLC pipeline so you can quickly pilot and scale cloud applications to your new DevSecOps platform
  • Multi-cloud network security: Our cloud network security capabilities help organizations keep pace with digital transformation at unprecedented scale, speed, and value
  • Cloud security testing
    • Cloud configuration review and attack path analysis: Identify and report security misconfigurations and potential attack vectors across workloads and cloud services
    • Vulnerability assessment: Look for future risks and possible weaknesses and receive recommendations for how to mitigate them
    • Cloud risk and compliance assurance: Check against regulatory standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, General Data Protection Regulation, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and more
  • Cloud security operations: Our managed cloud security operations delivery models are to suited to meet various client requirements, including cloud security operations as-a-service, co-managed, or by hybrid cloud delivery
  • Cloud-managed security operations services: This includes 24/7 monitoring of cloud-native threats, security governance, and compliance monitoring

Cloud security in action

A powerful partnership to protect patient data

The challenge: Stuck with an on-premises model for its hospital apps, app engineers at a leading medical technology company had to travel on-site to install, update, or resolve security issues.

The solution: Genpact oversaw a cloud migration and modernization strategy – with security at its heart.

The impact: The company now enjoys the flexibility and scalability of the cloud and can respond 95% faster to cybersecurity issues – a better experience for app engineers, the hospitals they work with, and the patients the hospitals serve. Learn more.