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Secure communication powered by Google Cloud

Building a seamless, scalable, and secure messaging platform for fintech

Who we worked with

A fintech services provider that supports internal communications for leading fintech companies

What the company needed

  • To scale its messaging platform while staying secure
  • To speed up the delivery of new features and products
  • To uncover competitive advantage and cut costs

How we helped

  • Created a cloud migration roadmap, ensuring zero downtime and a seamless transition
  • Transformed the existing platform into a next-gen solution

What the company got

A secure, scalable, and agile cloud-based solution that meets customer needs in the most cost-effective way


Creeping costs and stunted growth

As a trusted provider to the financial services industry, the company hosted half a million users and handled over 74 million messages each month on its communications platform. All on a single-tenant architecture.

But this model increased the service licensing cost, making the solution less competitive in the marketplace. Data storage and caching restrictions as well as extensive testing requirements prevented the company from quickly introducing new features or growing the platform.

The platform needed an overhaul, but it would be complex – of course, security is crucial in such a highly regulated industry. The company looked for a partner that could migrate existing customers and their data into a new platform – with zero downtime.

Enquero, a Genpact company that offers data engineering and data-led digital transformation services, was ready to take on the challenge.


Rapid innovation through cloud microservices

Enquero designed a high-performance communications solution – stable and secure for customers but agile enough to handle future growth. A team of cloud architects and subject matter experts created a migration roadmap, ensuring zero downtime and a seamless transition from a monolithic architecture to a multi-tenant platform.

Powered by Google Cloud, the solution offered:

  • High availability – The platform will continue functioning even if some of its components fail
  • Better data consumption – Added back-end services make the platform data compliant while unlocking valuable business insights
  • Greater security – Data loss prevention and back-end management systems support secure communication within the platform
  • Rapid delivery – DevSecOps practices accelerate development and continuous delivery within a scalable, independent, multi-tenant microservices architecture


Seamless, scalable, and secure communications

Today, the new messaging platform offers customers a modernized user experience and a secure communication solution – without breaking the bank.

With added data capacity and security, the company has laid the foundation for innovation and business growth. The microservices architecture speeds up the time to market for new features and products, which gives the company a competitive edge. Plus, the platform cuts costs across infrastructure, licensing, and associated services to protect the bottom line.

As the messaging software company continues to grow, so will the capabilities of its communication platform. Powered by Google Cloud, the future looks bright for the company, its employees, and its clients.

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