Protecting a global nonprofit with AWS expertise
  • Case study

Cloud security experts in, cybercriminals out

Protecting a global nonprofit with AWS expertise

Who we worked with

One of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world

What the company needed

To improve its cybersecurity following a move to the cloud

How we helped

  • Deployed industry-leading AWS security services, including AWS GuardDuty and AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Reviewed security assessments and recommended next steps based on industry best practices

What the company got

  • Increased cybersecurity threat detection
  • Improved response time
  • An enhanced security posture
  • Peace of mind


Feeling confident in the cloud

This nonprofit moved from outdated on-premise infrastructure to a future-proof Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solution. At its best, the cloud allows people to access a network anywhere in the world at any time. At its worst, it offers the same to hackers. And unfortunately, the company hadn't been prioritizing cybersecurity.

When security incidents arose, security teams would receive alerts that something was wrong – a server was down, an intrusion occurred, or malicious traffic was attempting to extract data – but they couldn't locate where the problem was or why it happened.

The nonprofit also received massive amounts of web traffic. While this is great for the company, it also makes it a hot target for malicious traffic. From botnets to brute-force attacks, cybercriminals have many tools at their disposal to attack any application on the internet.

In short, without efficient cybersecurity processes, data was vulnerable. This data included donor information, research data, sensitive employee data, and more. To maintain trust in the company – and to protect its online services – the nonprofit knew it must double down on cybersecurity but lacked in-house expertise.

It was time to find a partner to guide them.


Exploring the latest cybersecurity tools

Genpact's partnership with this company spans a decade. Having trusted us with various cloud projects, the company turned to us once again. We combined network services and cybersecurity expertise, focusing our solution on three areas:

  1. Intrusion detection
  2. Web traffic monitoring
  3. Holistic security assessments

At its core, cyberattack prevention is all about keeping cybersecurity threats out. So, we prioritized intrusion detection. We needed to know right away if any bad actors – entities attempting to breach cybersecurity – had entered the network. We would then be able to locate them and take corrective action. To do this, we used AWS GuardDuty, working seamlessly with the company's AWS cloud infrastructure.

To protect the company against malicious web traffic, we implemented another AWS security service, AWS WAF. This protects the company's AWS applications by filtering out malicious web traffic.

But as consultants at heart, we didn't settle for just implementing new tools. We took a holistic approach to address the company's challenges. We even reviewed third-party security assessments to recommend best practices for continuous improvement.


Secure today, prepared for tomorrow

Thanks to our ongoing partnership, the company can now detect threats faster, coordinate responses more efficiently, and prevent attacks more confidently.

The company is also able to stay one step ahead of cybersecurity developments by continually assessing its security posture and implementing new tools and practices. Now, it keeps donor data, employee data, and its reputation safe while enjoying all the benefits the cloud has to offer.