Enabling financial services firms to work better for people
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Enabling financial services firms to work better for people

Drive value from data and advanced digital technologies while meeting customers' needs and regulators' demands

Thriving in the financial services ecosystem

To flourish in the evolving and increasingly open financial services ecosystem, financial institutions must adopt a forward-thinking strategy and tackle these challenges:

  • Sharper competition – Firms must ensure they are secure, agile, resilient, and future-ready
  • Hypergrowth – Back-office functions must support the data management, governance, and customer insight needed to allow them to grow quickly
  • A rise in fraud – With increased channel proliferation comes increased opportunity for financial criminals to commit fraud
  • Greater regulatory scrutiny – Regulatory frameworks are increasingly complex and constantly evolving
  • Elevated customer expectations – A high degree of personalization and convenience must meet the expectations of today's savvy, informed consumer
  • Societal pressure – High-quality, actionable insights are vital to developing new products and services that use data as a force for good

Genpact is a transformation partner for over 200 financial firms across the globe. We blend process knowledge, meaningful data, advanced technologies, and industry expertise to deliver a range of digital transformation services to grow businesses, deliver compliance, and delight customers and employees.

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Genpact serves:

  • 20 of the top 30 global banks
  • 8 of the top 10 US banks
  • 9 of the top 10 investment banks
  • 3 of the top 10 payment companies
  • 3 of the top 5 asset managers
  • More than half of the world's most well-known fintechs

How Genpact helps: We enable financial services firms to win in the digital economy, better serve customers, and become the future of banking

The financial services industry is witnessing a continued and aggressive focus on digital transformation. And it's spawning new business models thanks to advanced digital technologies and its ecosystem of partners. At Genpact, we combine our deep industry expertise and our strengths in data, tech, and AI to help firms adapt and thrive.

With Genpact, you can reimagine your operations and growth models

Creating new operational models to support and scale new business models with proven operational expertise and transformation experience

We reimagine operating models to deliver scale, sustainability, efficiency, and agility. An extensive ecosystem of carefully assessed fintech partners and managed and as-a-service solutions ensures Genpact not only designs but also delivers transformation tailored to the needs of each financial services organization.

Delivering intelligent financial crime risk management for effective monitoring and compliance

Whether you need to transform and modernize your financial crime risk and compliance processes or find a partner to manage your AML, KYC, and fraud functions, we can tailor specific products and solutions to fit your business needs.

Creating meaningful insights that help anticipate customer need and identify opportunity

You need to turn data into actionable business insights. We deliver with prescriptive analytics, machine learning, and AI that keep digital financial services organizations ahead of the competition.

Serving intuitive, seamless customer and employee experiences that help you compete

Genpact helps its clients identify and address broken or disjointed customer journeys, weak transactional processes, and complex user experiences. We support firms in their efforts to define, design, and implement the customer and employee experiences that will shape the future.

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At Genpact, we turn rapid change into ongoing opportunity, helping our clients:

  • Transform back-office processes
  • Increase compliance and minimize risk for their processes
  • Create experiences that delight customers
  • Integrate data
  • Become more efficient and agile

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