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Cora CommandCenter

For smart, agile digital workforce governance and insights

With your digital workforce in place, your organization is getting seamless operations and peak performance from resources, including dashboards to monitor your bots on each robotic process automation (RPA) platform. But you still have multiple platforms deployed across your enterprise to drive automation at scale.

Genpact’s Cora CommandCenter addresses this issue. It gives you the cloud-based governance and insights you need to advance compliance, productivity, business performance, and outcomes across your wide range of automation applications and use cases.

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Cora CommandCenter governs your complete digital workforce

Genpact’s Cora CommandCenter centralizes RPA and workflow orchestration platforms into a single view across locations, environments, and systems to help you successfully manage your digital workforce. With alerts, exception management, insights, and centralized governance controls, Cora CommandCenter digitally transforms your enterprise operations and frees up your IT teams.

Global automation dashboard


Automation governance, monitoring, and performance management

Cora CommandCenter protects your current and future automation investments. By continuously tracking robotic workflows, task queueing, system livelihood, and process completions, it gives you a one-stop repository of insights and governance across your automation technologies.

Digital Workforce Dashboard


Process View Dashboard


Key benefits

  • Unified governance – Enterprise-scale governance with a single view of your digital workforce
  • Intelligent exception management – Machine-learning-enabled exception and incident management provides real-time push notifications and alerts via email and SMS
  • Flexibility and scalability – Centralized development, management, and deployment across automation platforms such as Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and UI Path
  • Effective decision making – Remote recording and data capture, benchmarking, and data-driven perceptions deliver end-to-end reporting and insights
  • KPI measurement – Tracks well-defined KPIs during bot deployment and operation to produce real benefits and cost efficacy
  • World-class security and compliance – Open Authorization and Spring Security frameworks safeguard application security using strict access controls and SSL/VPN secured communication channels. Best-inclass encryption protects all data. No PII data is created, stored, transmitted, or processed

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