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How digital brands build safe, trusted communities
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Empower content moderation experts with artificial intelligence to identify and manage harmful content, keeping your users and reputation safe.

We unlock augmented intelligence to protect online communities. See how we combine human judgment with AI-powered analytics.

Our machine learning solutions find patterns across vast volumes of data, enabling more accurate data labeling, content reviews, and fraud management.


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I want to host compliant ads.

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Ad review and integrity services

Before ads get posted, we review and check that they comply with regulatory guidelines. By filtering out misleading ads, scams, clickbait, and deliberate false information, you will only host ads that meet your platform's policies.

I want relevant and safe content on my platform.

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Content moderation

A unique combination of digital technology and people's experience and judgment helps eliminate explicit or inappropriate content to keep your users safe. And our approach to employee well-being and resilience helps us prevent the effects from exposure to challenging content.

Well-being and resilience

Digital brands have an obligation to their communities to protect both users and employees from harmful content. Our experts and leading solutions deliver safe working environments and support employee well-being, preventing the effects of long-term exposure to stressful content.

I want to provide a safe user experience.

2 Products & Solutions

User account safety and recovery

We use digital technologies, and our industry knowledge and process expertise to prevent identity theft and account takeovers. And our world-class user-identity and password-management process quickly recovers accounts after a security issue.

Product development and data-labeling operations

Our high-quality data-labeling services help AI solutions learn faster and become more accurate as they identify and segregate content. We build insights frameworks to help technology companies develop products with safe user experiences.

I want to stop abusive content on my platform.

1 Product & Solution

Fraud and abuse prevention

As abusive content and fraud continue to cause major issues, we use digital technologies to monitor systems and apps to minimize threats. And our Global Content Review Center of Excellence provides incident response and recovery, and digitally powered forensics.

I want to safeguard my users from financial fraud.

1 Product & Solution

Fraud and risk management

Keeping up with ever-changing regulations around the world is a major challenge. We help you stay on top of the rules. And our deep data insights and fraud-analytics platform provide you with enterprise-wide fraud detection, prevention, and management.

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