MachineCon 2023 Keynote Session with Katie Stein | Genpact
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MachineCon 2023: Rewiring business and the future with AI

Learn how to unlock the power of generative AI to transform your business

Just like the discovery of fire sparked previously unfathomable progress for humans, AI and generative AI offer fundamentally new ways for businesses and society to tackle major challenges and unexplored opportunities. Analytics leaders are central to realizing this shift. But they risk getting left on the sidelines if they don't follow the right approach. Knowing how to prioritize use cases, help employees prepare for the change, and establish responsible AI strategies are key.

To uncover the endless possibilities of this transformative technology, our chief strategy officer, Katie Stein, lit up the stage in front of an audience of 100+ analytics and AI leaders at The Machine Conference in NYC. Watch her keynote now.

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