Executive Insights: Bank of Montreal and Genpact
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Executive Insights: Bank of Montreal and Genpact

How cloud and analytics are changing the face of banking

Mark Wang, chief technology officer of data and analytics for Bank of Montreal (BMO), joins Vikrant Karnik (VK), our global technology services leader, to explore the growing synergy between analytics and the cloud in banking.

The data, analytics, and cloud landscape in banking

VK and Mark reflect on how the data, analytics, and cloud landscape is changing in banking and at BMO. They discuss:

  • The evolving terminology and approaches for managing data
  • Why bank outcomes must drive the move to the cloud
  • How BMO manages regulatory relationships during its transformation

Bank of Montreal's data on cloud story

Mark shares details of how BMO, like other financial services companies, builds a data-driven enterprise with analytics and the cloud. Together, he and VK explore:

  • How BMO manages cultural change on its transformation journey
  • The benefits of a product-like approach to cloud strategy
  • How to drive adoption and when to celebrate success

The future of data, analytics, and cloud

Vikrant and Mark share their views on what the future holds for data, analytics, and the cloud in banking. They look at:

  • Why every future-proof data strategy should also be a cloud strategy
  • Managing change while also balancing innovation and control
  • How to maintain clean, pristine, and traceable data

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