Executive insights: Goldman Sachs and Genpact
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Executive insights: Goldman Sachs and Genpact

There's wisdom to gain from captains of industry. These brief but candid dialogues between Goldman Sachs CFO, Stephen Scherr, and Tiger Tyagarajan, board member and former president and CEO at Genpact, provide a unique glimpse into their experiences. Bank executives can use the valuable perspectives they share to overcome their current challenges and take hold of new opportunities.

In this on-demand series, Goldman Sachs and Genpact address some of the biggest trends impacting banking and capital markets leaders today, such as:

Reinventing business models

How can traditional banks drive growth in the digital age? Find out now.

Navigating toward the future

Cash. It is a thing of the past? Hear our predictions on this and more. Press play.

Transforming into a digital-first bank

What challenges and opportunities do traditional banks face as they look to transform? Hear from the experts.

Disrupting the banking industry

In a world of fintechs and techfins, how do traditional banks keep their edge? Watch the video to find out.

Connecting ecosystems

How are banks smashing internal silos to create seamless experiences that benefit the customer? Discover the answer.

Embracing unexpected partnerships

Banks and GAFA: Strange bedfellows? Or the future of banking? Find out now.

Engineering in the cloud and partnering for success

Banks used to build everything themselves. What are they doing now? And why? Watch the video to find out.