Executive insights: ING and Genpact
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Executive insights: ING and Genpact

At the end of the day, every financial institution will be a data-led enterprise, or it won't survive.

In this three-part podcast series, ING's chief data officer of wholesale banking, Dennis Rijksen, and Genpact's former global analytics leader, Amaresh Tripathy, explore what leading banks are doing today to become data-led enterprises.

In just 10 minutes per episode, learn about the innovations and strategies powering the future of banking.

Build the banking data infrastructure of the future

Compliance by design gives bank employees the right data at the right time, thereby minimizing data risk. Learn from ING what it is and how your bank can achieve it.

Develop a bespoke approach for banking data management

The exponential growth of data in the financial industry has transformed how banks operate and compete in the digital age. Learn from ING how to develop a comprehensive data framework for your bank.

Discover the four pillars of a strong banking data infrastructure

Data is your bank's greatest asset. But before you can optimize it, you must set up the building blocks for efficient data management, delivery, and governance. Hear from ING about the four pillars of a sound data foundation.