Executive Insights: Jim Marous, Brex, Highline, 10x Banking
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Executive Insights: Jim Marous, Brex, Highline, 10x Banking, and Genpact

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Today, fintechs, banks, software companies, and service providers are coming together to design new platforms that fulfill distinct customer needs, deliver profits, and serve a broader purpose. In this on-demand video series, author and influencer Jim Marous, fintechs Brex and Highline, software provider 10x Banking, and Genpact provide six tips on how to build your own digital financial services masterpiece.

Our experts share six key tips, including:

Tip 1: Learn from leaders

We put our clients and partners in the hot seat and gave them 30 seconds each to provide their top piece of advice.

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Tip 2: Be purpose-driven

Purpose and profits. Better together. Hear how fintech Brex is achieving both.

Tip 3: Develop the right operating model

To scale rapidly, you need to build a digitally enabled operating model. Find out from Highline how to do it right.

Tip 4: Engage to drive customer loyalty

Is loyalty dead? Is engagement the new loyalty? Could an app be the answer? Jim Marous answers these questions and more.

Tip 5: Lead at the speed of digital

The right strategy and an ecosystem of partners can help accelerate decision cycles. Highline explains.

Tip 6: Consider crypto

When will the central banks of the world's largest economies launch a cryptocurrency? Our experts weigh in.