Case Study

Virtual testing environment reduces browser compatibility issues by 80%

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Financial services major gets a cross-browser testing environment

Client: Europe, Middle-East, and Africa (EMEA) division of one of world’s largest financial services firms

Industry: Banking and financial services

Business need addressed:
The client needed its portfolio of applications and web tools to be compatible with a rapidly changing and frequently updated array of browsers, devices, and operating systems

Genpact solution:
Using virtual machine architecture Genpact enabled the firm to run comprehensive and constant testing of applications for all the key browsers, including both stable and beta versions

Business impact:
Browser-compatibility issues reduced by 80%

The EMEA division of one of the world’s largest financial services firm turned to Genpact for a comprehensive cross-browser testing environment to help its fleet services unit keep its suite of tools compatible with changing technologies across various browsers. Genpact provided Quality Assurance (QA) services to the client’s IT team, supporting the testing of all releases across its web and mainframe-based tools.

Business challenge

Within the EMEA division, the firm’s fleet business unit specializes in providing financing to companies with extensive portfolios of vehicles across broad and diverse geographies. This business unit helps these customers cost-effectively acquire and replace their vehicles—particularly low/zero carbon emission vehicles. And underlying these business transactions is a broad portfolio of web and mainframe applications and tools that cater to both internal users and external partners. For rapid business transactions and enhanced customer experience the firm is required to ensure its application portfolio is compatible on various web browsers.

However, new browsers and updates by developers mired the business transactions and made the transition difficult for the firm. Customers installed the new browsers before the financial services firm could test those browsers for compatibility with its application portfolio. Given the situation the firm neither had a clear picture of its application readiness nor the ability to plan compatibility fixes.

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One of the paramount IT challenge for the firm is keeping up with a growing range of browsers, devices, and operating systems. From Safari on a mobile phone to Chrome on a laptop, the firm must successfully address a range of incompatibilities—some large, some more nuanced—to ensure that their applications provide a consistently excellent user experience.

Unfortunately, gaps in the financial services firm’s testing environment meant that not all browsers were featured in the team’s test plans. The result: decline in customer confidence and steady increase in negative feedback on these tools. Customers either resorted to manual (and higher-cost) methods to work with the firm or, in some cases, switched to other providers.

Genpact solution

Working with the firm, Genpact’s team of software testing experts identified root-cause issues, such as:

  • The EMEA division was not regularly performing cross-browser regression
  • Browser testing was only being performed for its new applications against then-current versions of popular browsers
  • Subsequently, the browsers were upgraded, but no compatibility testing was performed until the next release plan for the application

The client recognized the need to enable its QA team to test all of its applications against:

  • Stable and beta versions of all major browsers with every release on a regular basis
  • Beta versions of all major browsers on a monthly basis—thereby creating a more proactive test environment that eliminates gaps and lets developers address tool issues before final versions of the browsers reach the market

Genpact enrolled key testing personnel from the firm’s in-house developers’ forum to conduct a feasibility study across beta and in-production versions of all the major browsers.

Using virtual machine architecture Genpact created a grid of browsers, devices, and operating systems, all using beta and production versions of the browsers, to enable the client perform comprehensive cross-browser testing.

A Selenium-based automated suite was implemented to enable the firm to frequently test its applications on an auto-scheduled basis to ensure ongoing compatibility. Genpact continues to provide QA services to the client’s IT team at EMEA, supporting the testing of all releases across web and mainframe-based tools.

Business impact

In just two months post implementation, Genpact’s cross-browser testing program had a significant impact on the client’s business. The firm witnessed an 80-percent decline in queries raised for browser-compatibility issues.

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